Why do some people hold their tongue in when angry and irritated?. Why do you fear what society will say or the judgement your friends are going to pass about you?. The two most common like terms in everything mentioned are “hear” and “say”.

Growing up in life, I’ve come to realize that I have a serious dislike for people who for any reason DO NOT KNOW HOW TO TALK and what comes out of their mouth “WORDS”. I have also come to the realization that the most powerful tool in existence dwells within the boundaries of our tongue, OUR WORDS.

With WORDS, books are written, speeches are made, lyrics come about, COMMUNICATION most importantly is carried out.

With the same WORDS, lives are destroyed, destinies are altered, mentalities are changed, mind sets are created, pictures are painted. You do something beautiful such as training a child in school but the only thing you know how to do is use words that hurt that child. You may have sacrificed a whole deal but you used your WORDS to destroy what was proper and meant to be.

The only thing you say to your child are curses and abuse. No positive encouragements always in the negative. Let me introduce you to MENTAL ABUSE. Positive words dwell in the heart and create memories that promote better efforts. Negative words also dwell in the heart and create bitterness, they are not easily forgotten.

Before you speak, think about your words and judge them. Place yourself in the persons shoes. If you’re angry, don’t consider speaking just tell yourself I HAVE TO SHUTUP, because once those negative words are out, you can’t take them in. So choke on your own words rather than serve it aS poison to others.

When speaking anything, your words stand to testify against you and judge you. Therefore mirror your own life inwardly. Once again, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY. To all the youths, know how to use your WORDS wisely, runaway from negative speakers and do not be one yourself. Check yourself, judge your words and also SPEAK TO YOURSELF.

So, it’s been a while since I surfaced here and before I say anything serious , HAPPY INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY. Well, my thoughts are really scattered right now and it seems not nice and feels good at the same time. I guess I’ll just come out with evérything as it is and find a way to channel and connect them together.

Why does “I love you” make you smile and “I hate you”gets you feeling akward. Why do you hurt when you love someone and they say they don’t love you again?. Why do you feel you need to hear thank you? After doing something and you feel you should be appreciated. Why do you loathe her for what she said that bruised your ego?