Hi people. so today’s post was meant to be on something entirely different. I wanted to do an article on ( the friend zone) like it was just crazy. Then this struck me hard more. I met up with a very close friend after not seeing him for a good while, he kept on telling me “we have to see, we have to see“. So I was free today and decided to meet up. We talked, tried to catch up on things and all of that. Apparently, he was meant to run for a student post and he didn’t again so I asked why?.

These were his exact words. “I have to work on my relationship with people, already my friends are loosing trust in me and I don’t want that. I’m looking at the long time effect. I’ll loose my friends and my relationships who go sour. I want to focus on me and the people that love me”. That was well said from his angle and before then, I was already thinking in line with that. He was sacrificing his post for his friends because they mattered to him. He valued what he had with them more than his desire for political affairs, popularity and all of that.

Something happened to me some months back. I went for a program with like 2 of my friends and in the course of that program, my friend lost it at some point and I wasn’t there for her. I left her..It wasn’t really deliberate but I make no excuses. The bottom line is that I wasn’t there for her like she would for me and later it took someone to make me realize that I had messed up big time.

She was really hurt. She asked me…if it was my other friend in her shoes if I would have left her and I had no answer to that because in truth I wouldn’t have. But over time, I’ve come to agree with this saying that it doesn’t matter how long someone has stayed in your life but who comes into your life and proved you really mattered to them. There was something different about this girl and my scales were just falling off.

So here’s me writing a FRIEND-PRECIATE letter.

Dear someone, am sorry for not being there when you needed me the most. Sorry for being an asshole (sorry for the language). Sorry for being such an annoying, stubborn , difficult bitch sometimes(you really have to keep understanding with me) I know, I’ve not done right by you and your friendship towards me but I promise to do better and keep trying my best. I’ll give you priority in my life because you deserve that. Your my mini confidant and special adviser when I don’t have it all together and lots more. You were there for me when I wasn’t for you even up until now and I know better. Its never going to happen again, though I still have tough love for you (hahahaha).

Take time out to appreciate those people you call friends in your life. Those who have supported you, stood by you and gone the extra mile with you. A friend can even be more loyal than a brother and in truth some friends are family. Someone said “friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly”. But choose your friends wisely, not all friends are worth our personal sacrifice and love.