Hmmm.. so, I actually didn’t want to write anything today but then before I even say anything, I just have to fill you guys in on something. Well, some days ago I remember telling y’all about the controversies surrounding this upcoming dinner that I had to attend. Apparently, this new tailor I just found KILLED my dinner gown. It was just to lovely and the highly anticipated dinner is today. So we doing some dinner prep up…hair rolls, make-up selects and all of that.. and then am like ah! ladies. We like to give ourselves unnecessary headache for nothing really important. lol ..on the other hand, one can say were trying to look good for ourselves and for our men hahahaha, I almost forgot, in truth.. trying to outshine other ladies sometimes.

SO, I didn’t want to write anything today because I actually wanted to pour out my feelings on a certain issue but then, what stopped me? The answer is not far-fetched, FEAR. A lot of us, suffer same fate. We are scared to say the truth, we are scared to air our different opinions that may actually cause a change and lots more. Not because we just want to keep silent about it, but because we fear victimization and we fear oppression from the people sitting in the corridors of power. That is one major reason why we can’t grow properly.

There is in place, a structure and not a system. Now, it seems am going political.. lol. For the system to thrive and flourish, the structure has to be completely demolished and what does this structure entail. Corrupt leaders in power, manipulators and not diplomats, leaders without passion trying to please the structure because they can’t create a system.

Then you ask yourself, can a system be created by a one man committee. Yes, the passion can be there but patience and people are needed sometimes to fuel your passion. In truth, in as much as it hurts or it may hurt, majority of the leaders we have are not willing to stand alone and we can only pray for a revolution. It might not necessarily be bloody, maybe a revolution of the mind. Anything, but lets just start something. Little drops of water, makes a mighty ocean they say. Lets start cracking the walls of the structure to pave way for the system and don’t ask me how. In the little way you can. I just hope the structure hasn’t eaten deep that it has become an assumed system.