So once again, its a weekend and Friday night is over(sad). Never the less, I’ll still fill you in on what happened. Some POSTS ago, I talked about preparing for a concert themed THE AUDIENCE OF ONE . Well its a two day concert so it started off yesterday and its ending today. Yesterday was a worship experience and it was really beautiful and today Is a whole new package entirely.

My current pain..hmmm, my heart was really heavy after the conversation I had with this woman. Well, I’ll just try to shorten all that she said. I met a certain woman yesterday, I was just in one of my moments trying to reminisce and catch my thoughts, wrap my head round certain things together then, I met this woman. It wasn’t the first time of me seeing her but she was just too lost in thought so I decided to approach her and ask what the matter was.

She didn’t want to open at first, beating about the bush and asking me how I was doing and all of that but I could really tell this woman was bitter deep down. She was done asking me CHECK UP questions ( how are you, how is your family., hope your reading and all that). It was my time to ask my own check up questions. So, I started off and she was struggling not to break down.. I could see it.

I’m sure your wondering, what really was this woman’s problem.. well…she told me that she had four children and she was training them all by herself. I’m like ‘sorry ma please do you have a husband’. She said” yes I do but he used to work back in the days and now he’s not doing anything, that is quite fine with me but his not so supportive too“. My children are doing fine but I need them to be more involved with me. She didn’t need to tell me but it was obvious she was filled with regrets.

I tried to think of the questions that constantly ran through her mind. Where did I go wrong? and that single question alone, says it all. The hidden regrets she tried to battle every single day of her life while trying to act normal. I felt a great pain in my heart. I was pained at life, why was life fond of making us go through struggles and challenges. Yes some of all these might be preparing us for the greater tomorrow but situations were not just funny.

Here was this woman, sacrifice was her motto, her anthem, her pledge because she didn’t have abundance of money but she was sacrificing for the tomorrow of her children, cutting down excesses and struggling with the feeling of being less than a woman. We never bargain for this kind of imperfect life filled with some terrible negatives but with everything, we should still thank God for life itself.

So to everybody reading this post…your own life challenge will probably be more difficult than this or less or similar. All the same, don’t give up, don’t loose heart. Everybody in this world you meet, is fighting an internal battle. Everything is just a façade but then IT IS WELL and WE’LL BE FINE.