So, yesterday was the grand finale of the concert and it was really amazing.. lol, see people just dancing anyhow. Let me not say people like am not among them. If you had seen me HOH LORD!!!, you would probably think to yourself.. she’s high on something. Well, my day wouldn’t have been complete if I didn’t hear what I heard. I want you to look at this lyrics carefully like its an exam question and carefully examine it.

CECE sang” and I’ve come to pour my praise on him like oil from Mary’s alabaster box. Don’t be angry, if I wash his feet with my tears and I dry them with my hair. You weren’t there the night he found me. You did not feel what I felt, when he wrapped his love all around me and you don’t know the cost of the oil in my alabaster box….“.

The story of Mary and the alabaster box is quite popular. In summary the alabaster was worth an annual salary and she did it for only Jesus. The fragrance from it was so much that the disciples were angry and they said, why so much waste. Jesus told them to leave her alone that anywhere this gospel will be preached, she will forever be remembered. That was how expensive the content of her alabaster was.

The alabaster jar, is very expensive because its preparation is a very rigorous one (I think you should read up on not telling you this one.. lol). So, now the question is how expensive is the content of your alabaster and how expensive is mine, that Jesus would give you his full attention and grant you his audience…lol, alabaster in terms of worship in case your still wondering. Are you like the disciples that were irritated at Mary’s worship, in other words when you see people really worshipping, you get irritated or is the content of your alabaster even worth his attention and audience.

It really hit me hard sometimes, in all honesty I get tired of worshipping, praying and then I feel really guilty and I try to step up my game.Well I was just lost in thought at this analysis. Trying to wrap my head around the content of my own alabaster. If it was good enough or if it was bad. Sometimes, we just do anyhow worship for worship sake but if God does anyhow with our life, we start to murmur and complain that things are not going on well with us, God where are you oo, God can’t you see what is happening to my life. Well, let me pause here. I just thought y’all should think on these things…..SOBER RELECTIONS.