Its Monday again.. Like kill me already, That’s how I’ll be complaining that the weekend is over, but then I want the holidays to come fast. Typical human being for you. So yesterday, something really cracked me up. Some parents can just be something else entirely(lol), am pretty sure girls would relate more to this.

Okay, so my friend’s dad had been trying to reach her and the first time he called, she didn’t answer him properly because she wasn’t feeling to good . Then he called again for like 5 times she didn’t pick.HMMM, after like 30 minutes, that is how her mother called oo. She was feeling much better so she eventually answered. Her mother started feeling that she was not within the school environment and we were in the room together.

She tried explaining why she didn’t reply her dad’s call properly because obviously, her dad was the one that told her mum to call her. That’s how her mother asked if she was in school, she said yes and she didn’t believe her. She now asked, where are you? she told her she was in the room. lol(were getting to the interesting part).What part of the room?, I just entered the toilet. This woman was not still satisfied oo. She now asked, WHAT PART OF THE TOILET?(hahahahaha). I was weak (lets pause here).

NIGERIAN parents will not kill somebody. That’s how you’ll go out and come back, they’ll see your back oo they’ll now ask, ARE YOU BACK?. The one that kills my life ,they know your eating, they can see the food right In front of you they’ll still ask.. your eating?. In your ,mind your like no ooo ( am playing and gisting with the food) and you dare not voice out what is in your mind.

So, back from the break in transmission. Eventually, the mum had to talk to me and all of that to be extremely sure. After the call we were just talking in HILARIOUS ANGER. Even from a distance how many miles, parents can still be over protective to their female children. Lord, it can be so annoying. You want to go out, where are you going to? the driver will take you. It’s like, don’t you know were growing up.. you won’t protect us forever.

That’s why some girls misbehave when they finally leave their parents house because they feel caged. My own case was even something else. I had the talk with my dad as a good child that I am. The man said “you want corrupt liberty“. I was weak(lol) at the same time somewhat irritated. So here’s me penning down a note to all parents.

Dear Parents,

We know your scared of loosing us and you want to guide us right so that we don’t make the mistakes you made. But were not getting any younger and we need to start learning from now so that we can stand on our own when we eventually become parents. The bitter truth still remains that you can’t protect us forever. We love you and we’ll try not to disappoint you.

Yours sincerely,

Mostly Your Female Children.

SHOUT OUT!!! To all the females out there, don’t worry they’ll read my little note and they’ll repent but that does not give us the right to misbehave though. Lets show some responsibility and maturity towards our emotions(lol). Have a lovely week people.