Hi people, how’s your day like.. hope everything Is okay. So there’s something that happened to me. lol.. lack of discipline. I said to myself that I was not going to take soda for a period of time, just juice, fruit drinks and all of that. I was feeling like I could live healthy. Early morning hot tea sometimes just milk, you know all those kind of things. Everything was going smoothly since January until lately. I was outside and this sun was not a joke, my juice was not even cold and my whole throat was dried up. I was just thinking like this before I could realize what was happening I was already drinking this chilled Fanta (lol).

Well lets come back, so I’ve been running from drugs since like I hate them especially malaria drugs and lately I’ve been noticing malaria symptoms but I purposely refused to believe, struggling with body pains and all of that. So yesterday night, I just knew I couldn’t keep up with my act till the following day. I went to the hospital eventually. The doctor now even gave me the malaria drugs with pain killers.These drugs are not funny stuffs(cry face). I think about my life before I take them.

So I saw this old man that was really sick and one young man they just rushed in with severe pains. My friend just told me LOIS, I’M SCARED OF GETTING OLD. I’m like before you get old make sure you impact society and I was talking to my self too. Funny how I wrote a poem before that and I wanted to share it with y’all. I titled it HUMANE HUMANITY.


On this piece, were to start from I knew not. Trying to examine the society through my minds eye but yet, my view was blurry. Violence everywhere, display of hurt , show off of arrogance, booming of corruption, secure insecurity, befitting lies…to mention only but a few. The admiration in the content of the less privileged, the array of humility on the faces of the beggar, the struggle for survivàl by the disabled and yes the acclaimed fortunate were not left out. Wearing facades as heavy make up, putting on effortless smiles…like a baby learning to walk and high shoulders like plastered figurines.
Treating the poor like an hyperbole..the less privileged like instruments and the beggars like puppets.
Humans existing in a world were dependency is key for survival but we’ve chosen to break the rules hence we live with the consequence of suffering and the penalty of shame.
Here was I trying to examine society while feeling like I had not contributed much to humanity. My heart bleeds regularly for the victims society chose to make example of and humanity just decided to punish but with everything, I was trying to build hospitals for society with the dreams and vision of a humane humanity.

That’s all though, so live, love, share , care, be there for someone and be the reason someone is smiling. Help humanity, in anyway you can.