Yesterday, was quite dull. Not really dull per say but more of indoor-ish. Very serious with assignments and all of that but my sleep and rest were given priority, not to mention my food (lol). Then, I took another soda again. This time, in a more comfortable and relaxed position. I also made two interesting find outs, that you don’t breathe while kissing. Please don’t let your mind travel, I said I was in my room through out (lol). The second discovery is that my mind knew the feeling of indifference without having to look at the dictionary meaning and by the time I checked the dictionary meaning, it was everything I was feeling.

So, here’s the dictionary meaning. Indifference means, unbiased impartiality, unemotional apathy, lack of enthusiasm, unconcerned nonchalance. This definitions made me happy for no reason like it was so broad. Well, picking out of the list, I’d go with unemotional apathy and my best unconcerned nonchalance.

I really do not know if this is general but here’s how I feel it starts. You care about someone or something in general. let’s go with someone and then you get hurt over and over again. Then you get to a point where your like.. I’ve tried and its funny because at that point you feel your meant to be crying and your laughing and its almost as if you see yourself as one MINI DEVIL like that. You feel something is wrong deep down but you don’t care, your just nonchalant. That’s were the unconcerned nonchalance comes in.

Please, before you start thinking that I was hurt by someone. Its just explanation so you can get the picture am trying to paint( lol). I was hurt by someone’s words not someone. Now your mind is going to a boy(hmmm…there is God). Not a boy though, a lady close to me. Please and please am STRAIGHT (lol.. what is wrong with me)

I just found out from a quote that the only thing worse than hate, is indifference. It is what hardens your heart or maybe I should say kills the emotions in your heart. Well everyone is allowed to experiment that for himself after-all, man is selfish in nature. Indifference can be very dangerous though. Its like a part of you that loved towards a particular thing or BEING is dead, though the best part of it is that you can be normal again but whatever made you that way has to impress you and worth your care. So just a word out there, fight indifference with all you’ve got because it means a part of you is dying if not already dead. I know your wondering and your worried about me, I’ll be fine.

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