Something really crazy, funny and annoying happened yesterday. It was a friends birthday and I got cake(yes, I was happy) but my happiness was short-lived. I slept off and planned to eat the cake in the morning but the mistake I made was exposing it. Even at that, it was on a chair like I couldn’t even relate. I woke up just to find out that someone had already taken his share of the cake and even left trailing’s for me to notice. In summary, I think the rat is back( that’s how I didn’t eat my cake like that). How he managed to climb the chair, I have no idea.

So I heard a sentence yesterday that made some good sense. The church is meant for sinners and the school is meant to impact knowledge. Basically its like the most important institutions of the society exist for our imperfections. Yes you don’t find someone who knows it all in the classroom, but someone willing to learn and know. You also don’t find someone who has no sin and is blameless or knows the word of God and character of God too much in the church. His pride will keep him at home. You find sinners and people that are willing to know more about the word in the church.

Many people are perfectionists, they like everything so perfect. Am not a perfectionist but let me use something everyone relates to, grammatical blunder. Nobody in this world likes to make an English blunder because everybody just looks at you like( eyes rolling). I attended a program, student organized some years back and a lady was called to make a presentation. As she was talking I’ve forgotten her exact words but she made a blunder. The crowd went way over and she felt so bad that she had to leave the stage.

Some self conscious people exists amongst us and these mistakes are inevitable. It might not be that of a grammatical blunder but then, anybody can make a mistake doesn’t mean you should rub it in the face of the person. No one is perfect. Talk about your imperfections before rolling over to someone else’s. I just remembered, if you know someone who capitalizes on peoples mistake check very well and examine the person closely, he or she is suffering from complex( inferiority complex ) yes I said it. Make your mistakes as you want but avoid them if possible and know that it is better to make mistakes than fake perfections.