There’s this funny question that cracks me up. Like it really cracks me up. So when you want to use the toilet, now I mean ( defecate ) use the toilet, you hear people say.. I want to take a dump, I want to defecate. I want to take a shit and so many other things but then this question cracks me up and I couldn’t get a particular answer. What is the past tense of SHIT? (lol). Some people say SHAT (HAHAHA), some say SHITTED. Am tired, I don’t know which one to pick ( hahahahaha). Please if you know, comment.

In the light mood of that, I was at a drama concert which was themed SOUND OF SILENCE. I wanted that to be the title of this post but then along the line something happened. There’s this show am signed up for and I had not been there like for quite sometime. Yes my reasons and explanations were valid, but I didn’t explain to the co-ordinator and so she eventually called yesterday and was really pissed at me.

I remember I did this a while back, I was working somewhere and at some point, I was really going to be busy with personal life and all of that. I also didn’t explain to the co-co-ordinator, I just disappeared into thin air and that was how my relationship was somewhat broken between those guys. I tried tracing my mind back and it seemed like I was making this a habit subconsciously.

Have you ever been so stressed with just the thought of lots of things on your plate, from book work, to personal life, to involvement in activities just different things and then you tend to sideline your friends and gradually you start having broken relationships. Don’t be shy to admit, that’s me for you though. Some people cant just cope with stress so, one thing has to be sacrificed for another in as much as we try to balance everything up, were not perfect.

So here’s what I did, when I was retired for the day I went through my contact list and messaged all my long lost friends and am still cross-checking to know the ones I’ve not messaged. Just to say hello, just checking up on you and then have a little conversation. That’s the most important thing, knowing your weaknesses and finding solutions to them rather than letting them weigh you down.

Relationships are like clothes, when they start loosing , mend them. If you don’t mend them, it keeps tearing further each time its been worn until you can’t wear it no more. Then you can either choose to throw it away or sew up the whole dress real good. When you notice your relationships are dying, revive them and don’t procrastinate else it will get to a stage where you have to start afresh like complete strangers. A stitch in time saves nine, mend your relationships because they are a necessary part of our existence. No man Is an island