A part of me is saying I should give you a little suspense concerning this post. Well another part is telling me just go along and tell them. I guess your mind is hovering round it but its funny how your mind is going round circles towards some certain topics. I’m going to keep quite and not assume. SHOUTOUT!!! to all those who know this song “…If I go dem go toast you…no forget how far we’ve come oh baby…“. Lol.. am pretty sure by now you should know where am heading. To all those who don’t know the song ( No forget- Adekunle Gold ft Simi)

During the drama concert I attended themed SOUND OF SILENCE, there was this part of the drama that had to do with a guy and a girl that loved each other very well and then the guy had to be taken to America by the only educated lecturer in the village. It was a village setting and the girl waited for him for seven years.. like not seven months (seven good years). The crazy thing was imagining an actual village love setting lets say very primitive and no form of communication exists for seven years. What kind of love survives that? .

Apparently, people tried to discourage the girl and men came for her but she didn’t yield. Her lover finally came back and guess the mind blowing part, with another woman(at that point I didn’t know when I carried my hand to drop on my head and the tears were already forming). To cut the long story short, the guy was pressurized into dating the white girl.. like hell seven years can change a lot and when he came back he still realized that his feelings were still with his village lover.

After the play, the anchor now asked the ladies in the house “if you were the village girl will you go back?“. People shouted their various responses but she was like she wasn’t going to go back. I was just thinking, so wait oo I’ll love someone for seven years and yes the person will mess up and he’ll beg me and I will not go back( I have to laugh at this point) because my shakara never reach that level.

Hence the true question how long can your love wait?. I have friends that’ll say ‘ I can’t do distant relationships’.. ‘I need my guy close to me’.. ‘what if he cheats’.. ‘the love will not be there again’.. Come who told you. Okay probably you’ve been in one or two and they were not favorable. Like my pastor would say, I came here to announce to you(hahaha) that when love happens, it happens(hahahaha). What if you eventually find someone here you’ve done like three years very strong with this person and he has to travel for something. My dear there’s no thinking you’ll do distance.

So, I was trying to analyze something with the drama and other things together, including Chimamanda Adichie’s Americanah..(SHOUTOUT!!! to all the americanah fans in the house). Obinze and Ifemelu’s love. Even after Obinze got married with a child, his heart was still not there and eventually, he went back to Ifemelu. In my analysis, love built on very strong foundation can bring hope. The hope of it surviving through time. Distance makes love stronger, distance is a test to see how far love can travel, we’ve heard all that but don’t ever think its easy. I heard its for the bravest of people.

Its not only about distance though, if you love someone and he loves you back like the feeling is mutual wait for the person because its more difficult to wait than to regret. One word that nobody, not even the dictionary should define for you is LOVE. So here’s my definition, LOVE IS SIMPLE BUT COMPLICATED IN DIVERSE INEXPLICABLE WAYS. What’s your own definition?. SHOUTOUT!!! to CWC and a messed up friend too for giving me a story. Y’all should drop in your comments on this one.