Yesterday was a Saturday, well it wasn’t so much fun plus I had to go to the hospital( tear drop ). All these drugs, what can the people do. Oh and yesterday I was feeling nostalgic and I started singing my primary school marching in songs. The joy that it gave me was really hilarious and inexplicable and then I started wondering where time flew to.

Story story (story), once upon a time ( time time) lol. So someone told me of how circus elephants are trained. I really don’t know how true it is but am going to share it anyways because of its underlying message. He said that they tie the legs of the elephant with a big chain and then tie the chain on the other end to a very big tree. Hence, the elephant is free to walk within the limit the chain provides an when it gets to that limit, he can’t move again so he goes back and continues his fruitless journey.

The elephant is being tied for about 15 days, so when he is eventually set free and is allowed to walk, he gets to that point and naturally goes back on his own without the chains because he has been made and conditioned to do that. His mindset now has a different orientation. Okay so linking this to us, there are two things involved here.

Firstly, as humans we can’t be tied to a chain but we can be tied to the consistent word of people . Secondly, the category of people. So its basic logic someone who doesn’t have priority in your life or let me say is just a mere acquaintance cannot speak words to you consistently enough to change you, In other words, a foundational relationship does not exist for that word to stand.

Then, lets say someone as close to you as your parents let me not even go too far to say friend. Your parents, they say one thing over repeatedly for 15 days even in your subconscious you’ll think about it. Lets be a little bit practical , so I’m this not so small girl with a model body(hahaha) people said that though, slim and lets just use the word people say (portable) and well I wasn’t always this small but still small like the difference isn’t so much. Typical African parents.. ‘your not eating well’…’your too slim’ hmm they even went further to say ‘ your loosing your beauty’ like KILL ME ALREADY.. I wasn’t paying attention to them not like I’m paying attention now anyways but it eventually got to me.

Like I had to go to the hospital to check if there was anything wrong with me. The doctor said I was fine he didn’t even give me as much as vitamin c, just see the irony of the whole thing. Now, people don’t know how deep words can be and the extent to which it can affect somebody depending on their personality. Many people have died from peoples words. Imagine I was silently struggling with body insecurities and my parents were unaware, I could be pushed to take drugs to make me add weight and trust me that could go wrong in different ways and I could even die, we’ve heard stories of how people have died in relation to this. lol, but my strong personality is really helping me.

The bottom line is, don’t let negative people around you, surround yourself with positive people and people who can encourage you. Not everybody knows the personal battles you go through and having someone who knows and still says negative stuff, HELL-NO!!!. That’s some deep negativity, warn the person straight up. If the person refuses, cut the person off friendship is not by force. If the person is unaware still warn the person. How you see yourself matters a lot, too bad the elephant is not aware of that but you are. Develop a strong personality and an open, diverse mentality that’s the way forward. An imprisoned mindset starts with a weak self mentality, never forget that.