So yesterday was Mothers day and in view of that I felt I should do a poem. Mothers are one in million. Like there is one feature they can’t lack (lord.. they are talkative) but you know the irony of life, when they don’t talk you get so uncomfortable and your like” let her talk now.. let me go”. I got into trouble secondary school and I was wailing at what my mother would to me. That’s how I got home and she gave me THE SILENT TREATMENT. Before that time, my brother and I used to say” the day mummy will not talk, that Sunday we will give testimony in church” but here was I, silently praying that she talked (Mothers though)

An Open Letter To My Mummy

La la la la…my cradle bed
La la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la….(its a song I wish I knew its lyrics)
My mother
Taking in What you eat as nutrient and what you drink to quench my thirst did I manage to survive for 9 months…finally I was out…you didn’t depart from me and to leave you was still faraway a dream..for from your breasts came my breathe of life.
Growing up gradually was inevitable and I started learning how to be independent…crawling my way out of your arms and trying to find my way around…never the less..I still found my way back to you…yes i started to walk as far as my short legs could carry but though carried away with the excitement …I still came running to you.
I approached puberty and yes my mouth ran way ahead òf my legs but you condoned my unwise chinanigans…gave me the good spanking of my life…that sometimes made me really wonder if you were my mother…but then I realised that you were only building me for the world at large and giving me a story to tell.
With each new phase I encountered…my dependency in you never failed..I later grew up to be an independent lady but depending on you….I was yet to fathom the mystery behind it.
My words are almost failing me because I possess too much memories of you that penning them down….to the writing there would be no end…Thank you for supporting because In your strength I found balance..Thank you for your endless talks because In your words I found wisdom…Thank you for your daily selfless sacrifices because In them I found myself hoping for tomorrow…Thank you for your love because to the ends of the earth no greater lover have I found…Thank you for your care because basking in it felt liķe the world had no evil…above all…thank you for being there…because without you…to my personality will there have been a vacuum.
To my bestest friend from a distance and my almost frenemy from a close range…yes the love I have for you might be a tough one…but I wish you knew to the depth to wish my love reached…even I myself am unaware..This is me celebrating you in the open today and many more days..months and years to come.
Happy mothers day.

Well I hope y’all took timeout to appreciate your mothers. For those who have no mother, appreciate your father for playing the role of a mother. For those who do not have both, appreciate God for life and for him being your parents. I hope you enjoy this piece.