You know this feeling you get when your been asked how your day was and your like” it was just there”. That’s my feeling towards yesterday. I just wish I wasn’t so busy then it would have been full time laziness and I really would have been grateful for that….Have you ever just thought to yourself, why is education stressful? Sometimes you just go through some educational stress like overly long assignments and term papers and your like Lord, I didn’t sign up for this. Well nothing good comes easy I guess.

So I don’t know how many of y’all do this mental check of how your day went, what went down, what you said that you shouldn’t have and all of that. Just giving a run down of your day actually. I won’t say I do it all the time but sometimes I do it. In doing it yesterday my mind was taken aback to my high school days. We all can relate to that particular colleague that we either bullied or that was bullied generally in the set.

There’s this particular girl that suffered same fate. So I tried putting myself in her shoes over some silly acts they did to her including me at some point and I never really understood the gravity up until now. At first, I was trying to justify myself and give excuses. I’m like we were in high school, we were immature and most of us just acted in certain ways that we never looked at the long term effect just the short term.

So I was just giving my friend the gist of what happened and what she said really hit me. She said ” its one thing to be mature and have a conscience, its another to be mature and not have a conscience and its one thing to be immature and have a conscience, its another to be immature and not have a conscience“. I tried applying what she said to my thoughts about high school.

Its funny how it seems like, that was high school and its in the past what’s done is done . Well easy for you to say because you weren’t the victim but have you thought of this in this view, what if your acts scarred someone’s life and made the person to hate a part of herself, (sigh). We can only wait for posterity to tell. Bottom line is the world is indeed a very small one and life has a way of making us beg the people we’ve hurt. For all those who take pleasure in oppressing or victimizing people I advice you stop because in all honesty your day will surely come and if you know anybody that you’ve hurt in time past, an apology might go a long way. Better late than never.