Things shouldn’t be serious all the time well in a lighter mood, my yesterday was something else entirely. Don’t get me wrong, it was very good in a positive way and where to start from I don’t even know. So I went out to do some run around and in the course of my journey I took four cabs. Two going to my destination and two returning from it. It seems I was on a kindness spree, while going I sat at the back sit and there was an old weighty woman that sat in front and me at the back and someone else was coming to sit down with her. I noticed she wasn’t going to be comfortable and then I told her to swap places with me because (I’m the slim one hear). A little act of kindness won’t kill. She said thank you and it gave me this joy that she was comfortable.

Like that was not enough, the second cab I took going, I approached the driver and he gave me a fare that I felt was expensive then he told an older driver to take me for the price I called. On getting to my destination I eventually gave him the initial price that was called. Now the major event of the day, I was going to the bank to pick up an atm (automated teller machine) card. On getting there, I was talking with my account officer and another guy happened to show up. He was a free guy, kept good conversations, he was interactive but there was a BUT.

The FRAGRANCE that was just coming out from his mouth was “wonderful“. What was just going through my mind was “Lord, I didn’t bargain for this, I just came to pick my card“. I now adopted a calculated pose that didn’t make it seem obvious but I wanted him to leave the area very quickly. Well it was a bad thing I couldn’t tell him because he really would have felt insecure( the bank is not his house). Just to everyone out there lets try to check ourselves especially before we step out In public because little things can constitute embarrassments. I heard there are people who have natural mouth odor problem, I really don’t know how that comes about but if you fall under that category always have a mint gum or sweet.

The way you present, package and carry yourself outside goes a long way to how you personality is being perceived just on the surface to a stranger. Well that was the major event for that day. The cab I took back, I wanted to sit beside a woman but when I looked at her hand (she was taking coke and boiled egg and lord the smell wasn’t funny). She was taking what she could afford so it was none of my business. I just changed position. It was really crazy though and then I ended up eating unripe apple to bed (If anything like that exists, I think it does). I pray your day will be as eventful and crazy as mine was, BLESS UP.