So yesterday was more of a sober reflection day. In all honesty I couldn’t find a word to describe my whole day but I hope this poem gives you an insight of how it was and makes you relate to some certain things your own way.


It was meant to be a sigh of relief…but what I was heaving I myself was confused…unspoken words mixed up with my emotions trying to harness them I couldn’t….rolling over to see if I could gain composure through thoughts gathering. This was my fixated point at the moment.

Dear God
I really don’t know what to say to you…the greatest irony of life I suppose, should I start by thanking you..I felt I did that in my subconscious, should I lift my hands to seemed my hands were to heavy, should I utter a prayer..well I think I was doing something similar, should I just pour my heart…undecided did I feel but to this one I was going to stick to
I jerk up from my sleep not knowing what the world holds for me or who life says I should meet. In my ignorant state I move on with the day but damn some days just seem so off..
Like my heart is in the north, my soul is placed far away and my mind is overseeing my present.
I wonder greatly of the indifference but not any type of indifference…the emotional indifference. I think I should call it that.
The outward melodrama…the expressionless facades…the static smiles…the falsity of composure identity..
Where to place myself was my multiple dilemma…in my state of contemplation and confusion, I come to you.
Yes I know my words are empty…they hold no water…they are harnessed from an unclean mind and proceed from an unclean mouth but what other choice do i have and who else was capable of defending my case while granting judgement all together
if I wanted a solution to all of my rants or if i just wanted you to listen..was a decision I strangely felt I wasn’t to make by myself but a part of me told me that this was your jurisdiction.
I really have no idea of a lot of things. I could only thinķ as far and wide as I had trained my mind to and I was in a state of not knowingness but amidst all these I’m learning to trust you
This is my sober reflection and thus my prayer…