Before I even say anything, just incase you didn’t know the iPhone stunt, was an April fool affair.(don’t kill me please). Not to worry, to all those who sent pictures your details are safe and they were really pretty (just saying). I’m pretty sure your guessing what this one is about because the topic gives no clue at all. Okay before I tell you what its on, there’s this song that I just remembered and its bad enough that I don’t know the lyrics or the artiste that sang it (One step at a time…there’s no need to rush..lalalalalala….One step at a time).

So apparently, I know just a line of the song. Well it happens I guess, that moment you really want to sing a song and you just know the first line and then chew your mouth through mouth( everyone should relate to this), back to “p not p“. Have you just been lost in thoughts before and your wondering about a mother and the baby in her womb during pregnancy, perfect scenario. The baby feeds and get nutrients from the placenta and at the same time complications could occur and he could get strangled from it or the case of blood.. how the blood of the mother is not meant to mix with that of the baby.

In the end, the baby is given birth to and everybody rejoices( some things are just way-over). I can’t even deal with trying to understand all of that now. Well if you’ve not gotten it yet.. PACKAGES NOT PROBLEMS. I was in a gathering and the speaker said every problem comes with a package. That was deep for me I can tell you that and then he explained the whole mother and baby case ( I was in awe).

Basically many of the times, we let our problems over-whelm us and we tend to drown in them when they choke us and then it seems and feels that life is beating us up. I really have been struggling with that this few days. We tend to let the past surface through the false reality of our thoughts bringing it back, we tend to be overwhelmed of our present and worried, anxious and expectant of our future.

I’m human for chrissakes, why shouldn’t I think of all those things. I mean I have to think of how to be successful, get a good degree, get a good job, start praying for my husband from now.. while am still in school, thinking of term papers, finals, assignments ( like that’s a whole lot). Then pity the people that now have family and relationship issues added to all of these. The amount of thinking a human being does really is crazy.

Well, the first thing the speaker said was take one day at a time( remember my song). I mean we hear this every time but we just never try it. Sometimes its not that we don’t try it, we start trying it and then we unconsciously give up. The things surrounding us seem to be way too challenging that it is inevitable to forget to take life one day at time. Hence, we start focusing on the problems of life forgetting that most of the times(trying to be realistic), you don’t face problems for nothing.

If your talking about school, exams and the stress of it.. your package is good grades. The most Important thing is for us to look beyond the problems (that gives strength in a way though). Truth be told, sometimes we might me moving and progressing at a very slow pace and envy someone moving fast but time and chance happens to us all and every body has a different and unique star. Bottom line, look beyond the problem and see the package.