Gratitude overflow, let me not start like I’m about to write a poem. I doubt you imagined what this post was. Even in your wildest of imaginations you totally didn’t see this coming (I’m just saying). Well its April the 3rd and I started blogging and making daily posts on March the 3rd so basically, I’ve been at this for a month now (it sure hasn’t been easy). Let’s do a little going back in time as to the birth of T.L.T Blog ( The Lois Talk).

Fine, to all those who did not know. Lois can be a talkative (or is a talkative). I mean in my primary 2 my teacher called me ( a chatter box), that cracks me up till now. I’ve reduced talking a bit though. Moving on, Lois can be a really deep person. Lois is a critical analyst sometimes. The list is really wrong but then seeing people with problems that makes them really think and are bothered has been something which has not really picked my fancy.

So, its more like an inspiration affair. Truth is nobody wants to be judged and every body wants to feel right In a particular way towards their opinions but judgment really is inevitable in the society. On a different stand point, we get to determine what we do with all the criticisms and judgments. We can either choose to listen to them or make decisions from them and decisions may be positive or negative.

We’ve all made wrong decisions at some point but the bottom line of all this “grammar” is that: I’m trying to share a part of myself with someone out there, it could be you, you or you, I really have no idea. I’m trying to make you relate to some of my views and opinions so that you might probably have something to look back on and relate to or perhaps have a good laugh . I’m trying to give you thought provoking and deep write-ups that’ll really shake you and mess with your mind. Above all, am trying to make the difference in my own little way to someone out there because I really don’t know the particular person that am reaching to every single day (and don’t think my own words don’t reach out to me too).

So its a one month anniversary. There’s been serious challenges and frustration (trust me, if I had my way… I really would date network at least, I get lots of privileges). I’ve gotten positive criticism from people and tips on how to improve. Well, I started writing; poems mostly but privately and I took it public for the first time in close to 5 years this month. Some of my poems, I really don’t know where they are.

To everyone who has come out to support me, those who look up to my blog posts everyday, all those who share my links and comment, words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you for making me grow, I’m not where I want to be yet but I know I’m not where I used to be. I’ve seen growth and you’ve helped me with that growth. Y’all have been amazing SHOUT OUT!!! to everybody in the house and a very big THANK YOU. Expect more growth and more changes.

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