Everyday for itself I guess. Yesterday was strictly an indoor affair but then in as much as some days just seem stressful without you doing anything (please I hope someone can relate, its not just laziness. Its more than it). Well that was how my yesterday was like and the fact that I get to stay indoors doesn’t mean my interactions are not kicking of with people.

Here’s a question: Have you ever felt that as humans, we spend money on school and not on education?( that struck me when I heard it too) because I started doing the analysis in my head. We come to school to learn, to network and make connections basically that would have been all but then we also come to school to fulfill all righteousness. Then you ask how( I’ll gladly tell you). Who says that if you don’t go to school, you can be termed an illiterate or if you don’t finish school, you can be called a drop out or if you fail your exams you can be called dumb.

Well the answer is not far-fetched, society did all of that. The schooling system is quite boring you know. Everyday you face almost the same routine, go to class and come back. The next semester or session, a new timetable is fixed with the same routine. Boredom, becomes inevitable and it seems like your environment is chocking you internally. Creeping thoughts starts growing inside.

You start wondering how drop outs make it big time and get to the top because the major aim of schooling these days is just to get a degree so that one can be employable in the labor market. Funny how with your degree and certificate, you might still be jobless for a good number of years If you don’t harness your creative abilities to be an entrepreneur or make a name for yourself with your talent, craft or passion.

Talking about creativity, does the school system not kill that part of us? You find people willing to succeed and be creative, people that want to be managers of other people, who want to pursue their dreams and passion. Chase arts and aesthetics rather than become doctors , lawyers, accountants or engineers but they do not know how to because they have to read coupled with other challenges of the school system and in reality not everyone knows how to strike a balance between things.

The truth is, we need diversification of course variety, coupled with mindset re-orientation. We need to set the definition for our schooling system and make education a training for creativity and not just merely a test of acquired knowledge. Then and only then can society see a revolution intellectuals. Just for the time being, we can do nothing than to do follow the tenets society has already set. We can only keep pushing on and pressing harder (please I didn’t say drop out if your tired of schooling). I’m tired too but then we all have to live with the many contradictions of society. We’ll be fine in the end.