Hmm.. were to start from I really do not know but I will just go on all the same. Today was still an indoor day ( I’ll soon start going out, don’t start looking at me with an observer’s eye). It’s the period of exams once again and I’m currently in the cage that comes with this period. So basically, its not my fault. All the same one has to find a way to balance things up.

Well I saw something that kind of appealed to me in a calm thought provoking way. People say, that we are in the end times and then we see different news all about social media, false prophets and all of that. I was in a gathering sometime back and we saw pictures of different church evils. Pastors telling members in their congregation to eat grass, some pastors telling members in their congregation that their own legs must not touch the floor hence they are being carried through out the service . Pastors sleeping with the females in their congregation and carrying out some other inhumane acts.

Back to the statement I saw “we need to stop going to church and start going to meet with God in unison with other brethren’s willing to meet with God too” and this was the statement that got me thinking. Many Christians going to church are not going to church to worship. They are going either to show off a new dress, cause confusion in the house of God and so many other reasons and motives they may have. With the fact that Christianity already has what seems to be ” controversial doctrines” because all over the world, we are not just really in synchronization.

So I was thinking, why don’t we worship God in our own way or look for a true church and be dedicated and mind our business while showing brotherly love. In truth, all of these are tiring but as individuals we just need to know what we do because our fellow humans may not know the content of our heart but God does. Hence the reality is that we cannot deceive anybody, your service to God means nothing to humans they can’t receive it only God can and you can’t deceive him.

Sometimes, I really wonder why the bible says “life is simple but we have made it complicated“. Maybe that will be a talk too decipher another day. Just for the time being, serve God in your own way in line with his word and do what you know is right that your supposed to do. Don’t let anybody push you into wrong acts of worship or reverence to God because we live in a controversial world that contradicts itself every single day. Discern for yourself and let the word be your backup