Me: (looking at the mirror) Hmm.. I’m so not looking good

My mind: Is that what you think

Me: (Eyes rolling)..Its what I know..

My 2nd Mind: Interrupts.. I know right (ikr), see your hair, your outfit and all of that

My mind: You’ve been stressed, exams are approaching and you know things will come back to place after. Take a chill pill and give yourself a break.

Me: Obviously tired of the internal drama, lives the mirror to make my life useful

So.. that was a part of my yesterday the second part

(me trying to photocopy a document in a commercial Centre)

Person 1: Do you want to make a photocopy

Person 2: Do you want to make a print out let me help you with it

Person 1: But I asked first…

( I eventually go with person 1… I’m done with my photocopy)

Me: How much is it

Person 1: 30( naira)

My mind: Well I guess you might not be looking so bad in the end

I’ve never written a dialogue before (that was something) and it took me quite sometime though. One thing is for sure, it can be my mistaken calling (though I wont mind being the narrator in a play). Well that was how my day went and it all started with looking at the mirror. We’ve heard lots of mirror sayings. Some would say, the only competition you have is the person you see when you look in the mirror. Others will say when you wake up everyday, look in the mirror and say to tell the person you see that you’ll do him/her proud. Basically just different positive things people use the mirror to do. Mostly as an icon and symbol of encouragement.

It can also bring about negative and depressing thoughts too. I mean common its your reflection we are talking about here. How do you know your morning face is terrible (the mirror). P.S am not saying mine is terrible though. How do you even apply make-up.. SHOUTOUT!!! to all the ladies in the house..(the mirror). It is a symbol that represents and transcends all things moving from the spiritual to the physical. It is your identity carrier because the truth still remains that you’ve never seen yourself separate from your body the way you see other people (that’s quite scary though)

Basically, your reflection and thought when you look in the mirror doesn’t have to be like mine yesterday (before you think I always have depressing mirror thoughts) but then truth be told the mirror has to speak to you. Your personal motivator (I never really understood how deep this mirror concept was until now and I’m actually in awe ). So its a two way message, Listen to your mirror every now and then. Secondly no matter the level you find yourself, someone is dying to be in your position, be grateful.