Today, I really want to take you along with me on a wonder journey. So get into my (okay I’d say boat cause that’s more exciting, you get to scream and let yourself be in awe of the water) Oh well get into my my boat and yes am sure going to write from my opinion but trust me I’ll involve you and bring your opinions too. Its like magic, (don’t ask me how I’ll do it). Just tag along on my boat.

So have you ever wondered, what is this world all about?, who created school?, who created the exams?, how did they came up with lots of different things in a varied and broad sense and call it education?. How did people just stay and came up with subjects such as physics, chemistry,..(okay I get that they obviously studied and drew conclusions from the environment) and we can’t say why pass it down to us. Yes we may find it unnecessary but it is relevant to our world. Let us have this at the back of our minds. Moving on, accessories: we started with hides and skin to make things such as bags, belts and all of that. Society evolved and modernization took place and now we have ” Gucci, micheal kors, D&G”.

Still progressing, I really do not know how the make-up of primitive times were but definitely we have upgraded entirely from it (I mean that was way back). Moving on, why do we have social gatherings, throw parties, celebrate and all of that. A friend of mine told me a while back that he wants to stop celebrating birthdays because he was wondering why he should be celebrating the gradual coming of his death (very deep but then am not a saddist..am not saying he was too).

Now, the time has come to combine everything. I was trying to paint different scenarios all at once in your head to drive a point through. You ask yourself, what really is the abstractness of life? Why is it that with everything, we get tired; positive including negative. Even with what we like doing, relating to a job scenario. Sometimes we get bored because tiredness is inevitable though the passion makes you to improve and try different things in more interesting ways.

What really is life and the world all about?. Well am no philosopher but then why do we wake up everyday doing something to escape the boredom of life (we totally need to escape it though). Why can’t life be exciting in itself with no societal institution or human effort. (Don’t think am crazy) but in truth, we never really rest in this world. Everybody trying to achieve their purpose, be successful and not be a failure. Well, I’d say that in as much as life is abstract, the abstractness seems to be better than nothing (well on the other hand, I’ve not experienced “nothing”). I’m human though so I’m pretty sure if you give me ” nothing” for a long period of time, I’d still complain as to why societal institutions don’t exist.

I stop assuming for you and imagining your opinions here so here’s the question, would you live in an abstract world?, a world in which no human effort is used but its itself interesting. Or would you rather live in a non-abstract world where you have to toil and struggle everyday?. I’d live you to answer it (do well to comment your answer).