Friday is over and I can’t wait to see another Friday. I know your wondering why well (someone’s summer is about to start). I really do not know if you have gotten a clue of what I want to say already from the title. I doubt you have though but then let me get along with it. So there’s this man that mentors me even from the grave. His dead now but his words are too good, to real and too meaningful (don’t assume). Well his name is Dr. Myles Munroe. The first person I listened to that his words were to swift for me to take down.

I was listening to a recording by him titled “Purpose for Prayer” and like I said he is too deep and I couldn’t help my self but share the new knowledge I heard yesterday.

These were his words:

The mind of God is more important than the hand of God because his hands show his acts and his mind shows his ways. Therefore you get more intimate with God if you know his ways.

The greatest tragedy is not death but a life without purpose. That is why it is more tragic to be alive and not know why than to be dead and not know life.

Purpose is the motivation that started creation, hence when the purpose of a thing is not knows abuse is inevitable (majority of us have heard these lines though).

Majority of us do not use cook books but we always buy them because we love them (just to see the pictures of the food sometimes). That is how prayer books are, we buy them but we never use them to pray.

The only thing the disciples only ever asked Jesus to teach them how to do was to teach them how to pray and not perform miracles. (This is quite bothering because if it was in this present time majority if not all will want to learn how to do miracles so they can be famous and popular). Moving on..

It took Jesus just very little time to heal compared to the hours he spent praying. Now lets narrow it to reading, we all use more than a day to read a novel but we only use few minutes to give its summary. Even academic wise, we spend days trying to prepare for an exam but then we use just some hours to write the exam.

In the world today, many of “us” (am not exempted), spend hours trying to solve a problem or challenge because we just spent a minute with God. We do the reverse of what Jesus did.

Time in prayer, is not time wasted but time invested: prayer was born with two words Gen 1:26…let them have dominion over the earth, “let them“. If God said “let us“, he would have included himself but he said “let them” referring to mankind.

God designed the body of a woman, thinking about himself. Ever wondered why the womans blood and that of the baby never mixes. So that Mary’s blood could not mix with that of Jesus and his blood will still be very pure.

God don’t use you because you are pure but because he is trapped by his word, that is why he keeps forgiving and cleansing you. He needs your body and he his so committed to your body that he has designed a program called healing.

Prayer Is God giving man license to interfere in planet earth. When man stops praying, God stops working (men ought always to pray and not to faint)

Well, I really could go on and on about the things I heard Myles say yesterday and I’m pretty sure, some of the words struck you as much as it struck me too. I didn’t say everything so if you think this is as deep as, then you should go download “The Purpose For Prayer” by Dr. Myles Munroe. His words are enough mine is not really relevant for today so I’m just going to keep quiet and let you digest your new knowledge.