Its Sunday the dawn of another new week and that’s pretty amazing. My Saturday was good though but tiring. It will soon be over in a matter of time. For all those who are not approaching summer anytime soon, I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart. This is me being “seriously kind of sarcastic”, I bet you’ve never heard that word but that’s by the way though.

SHOUTOUT!!! to anybody who runs away from responsibility in the house, you need not to worry. If you have been feeling lonely and you are looking for a partner, I’m right here to spread enough love. Okay, snap out of your fantasy before you start thinking LOIS is encouraging me. Yes, I run away from responsibilities but yesterday it was indeed my day. Its funny how I like and want to practice leadership almost from a distance but then I run away from responsibility with every slight opportunity I get. One major reason being that I don’t like stress and to be stressed. Of course nobody does though.

I was an assistant leader of a group of people and when I was there I never did anything infact I was one of the people giving the leader serious challenge because I wasn’t helping (let me assume that and try to take some blame here). Now the mantle is on me, the leader has stepped down and okay I tried coming up with excuses but nobody wants to listen. I thought about it and I’m like this was planned right, you know I run away now you’re making me face the music.

Well in as much as I’ve been trying to run away now I don’t have a choice but to stay because I’m trapped and its good in the sense that I get to learn, I get to exercise leadership and be teachable but the most important thing is that I get to learn. Sometimes, there are some certain things we need to do but we don’t do them and its funny how we might feel empty without doing them. In the actual sense, we really need somebody to push and cajole us to do it and at the long run we find ourselves enjoying it.

That’s how purpose is sometimes, most people are not courageous to start working on their purpose though they’ve found it. Most people feel they don’t have enough resources to carry it out. Most people need encouragement because they might have doubts about their initiatives and their own self. In all, the key word here is that they feel empty and its unnecessary because they hold the key to unlocking themselves from this unnecessary internal personality. Just that they need someone to unlock the door for them.

Basically, have faith in people. Cheer somebody up, be the reason for someone to smile and then encourage people. You never know who you are helping to find their purpose.