Its pretty amazing sometimes what we can learn when we try to understand and critic what we hear or see to get deep analysis. Yesterday I was doing a read-up and I saw somewhere that hope comes before love. In other words, love is a function of hope and just incase you haven’t understood it yet, I’m simply saying without hope, it is impossible to love and not the other way round.

Now, this was deep, I mean like I’ve never looked at it from this perspective before now but then I was yet to analyze it. Okay so, lets see this from the relationship angle. You start having feelings for this guy little by little or you start liking a girl. Firstly what pops up in your sub-conscious is I HOPE she likes me back and the feeling is mutual. Lets say eventually, things begin to progress in the relationship, the next thing that pops up in your sub-conscious is “I really like this girl, I hope she doesn’t disappoint me or the other way round”.

Then the bottom line of this whole thing is maybe your scared of a break up. Fine your scared of the break up because you love her. In the real sense you are scared of the break up because you hoped you guys will work and you don’t want to be disappointed. That is why I got to understand that it is hope that brings out love and not love bringing out hope.

We hear people say things like ” don’t get my hopes up and just dash it away” or ” hoping for the worse while expecting the best”. Its funny how people talk about love all the time almost like its “somewhat” over rated. Love is sacrifice, love is patient, love Is correction, love endures, love is sweet, love is bitter (funny), love is compromise.. The list could really go on and on but its pretty amazing how hope is present in love.

Here’s the interesting part, in as much as hope is found in love. Love is greater emotion and stronger than hope. Its funny how when it comes to love, hope is like a background tool. Therefore in life, disappointments are inevitable because as humans we always have expectations even the tinniest of expectations at the utmost back of our minds and expectation is hope therefore we get disappointed even in the slightest way.

I saw a quote and it said “Avoid expectations because expectations bring disappointment”, and I’m like is that even possible when your sub-conscious practically hopes for you not like you have control over it. So basically, be open minded, be prepared for even the slightest disappointments therefore always be critical with your actionsbecause we never can really tell what lies ahead. In the end, we still have to fall back to hoping that no matter what things will get better and we will scale through.