Today’s post came late due to some challenges, well everything totally doesn’t always go smoothly all the same we have to move on. Before I say anything I would really like to appreciate some specific people who I totally do not know anything about. I mean I just looked at my spam messages today totally unplanned and I saw some encouraging comments that couldn’t be published due to some grammatical errors but they were really amazing and beautiful. To all those who fall under this category, thanks a million you lifted my spirit.

So yesterday, it was like my whole world was calmly spinning in my mind and its funny how I was just calm about everything but the frustration was eating at me and with everything, I had to read because exams are on-going and well I practically have no excuse to give because my parents will term them unnecessary, irrelevant and the list is just to long.

It all started from kindergarten, to toddler to pre-nursery and nursery. At first we couldn’t write exams because we were still learning how to read so we were given oral exams. We learnt how to read gradually and that’s how assignments were introduced coupled with exams this time around. Now at least we’ve grown a little from being babies, parents start adding chores, sweep this little part of the hose, arrange my bed all of that.

We progress in life and move to primary and secondary, the educational workload increases and is more advanced same as the chores at home because I mean our parents are not getting any younger. Everything becomes advanced and gradually society starts expecting you to do some things to live up to its standard.

We scale through high school and now we’re faced with college and university. The work load is tremendous, education throws a lot at us, we start learning deep criticism, reviewing peoples work (the most annoying part is that most some of the historians we are told to review and critic, they died generations before were born and at some point, it’s like what’s my business). Maybe it may not be historians, experiments analysis different things and like that is not enough, Society hugely almost forces it dictates on us( we really have to be careful during this period).

Moving on, we have to engage in activities of societal institutions. What am I saying, parents start giving you marriage notifications because you are of age and definitely, they want to be grand parents. We eventually get married and have children. For the women, now you have not only your ageing parents and your husband to take care of you also have the children to take care of. Still trying to balance out all other aspects of your life. For the men, your financial responsibility increases and you know you have to work hard to sustain your family.

Now I have just one question to throw to y’all “Do we ever have time to rest as humans in this world ?“. I’ve answered that in my own way and the answer is NO. even during holidays you get chores and other run rounds and trust me even having fun sometimes can be stressful. The planning and everything, spending of money that you still have to balance back. Let me stop here and not go to far and pleas don’t think I don’t have fun or I discourage fun (I’m not a kill joy, I have loads of fun when I want to). In the end, we can only learn how to balance our activities to avoid breaking down and rest every chance we get because life in itself is stressful and if you are not ready for life’s stress then the bitter reality is that you are not ready to make it.