Yesterday was quite a busy day, trying to make arrangements and being up and about but I saw something later in the night that really cracked me up. In the night, I went to get something from a friend so just in front of my residence, I mean this wasn’t broad day light but the place was really bright because of the light. I saw this very huge gigantic rat like I don’t even know if I’m painting the right picture here.

This rat was too big that it could not run, it was hopping. The tail was something else, like a pointer and it was not scared to move about with that kind of light (what is this world turning into). That was just to crack you up a little though . Very important (Please I’m begging, I know I talk about rats every now and then, don’t start feeling I have an affiliation with them. I just happen to see them).

So, during the day I saw something that caught my attention while I was moving around. There was this young man wearing a shirt and on it was inscribed “SOCIETY KILLED THE YOUTHS”. I said I was going to keep that at the side of my mind for later. That’s quite deep though. Well everybody is always society this, society that, I mean someone that probably lives in another planet having a conversation with someone from earth will probably be like “I want to meet this society“. Just kidding but if the person is ignorant, it could be actually be true.

Its funny how it dawned on me yesterday like in full reality that society is me and you. Society is everybody, who makes up “society” if not all human beings on this planet. The thing Is we cannot even shift blames or do any blame game by saying that older generations of people have already set the standard for the newer ones. Okay fine we can say that but let us also not forget that as the older generations set the imaginary and invisible yet almost inevitable laws of the society, their regime passed and they handed over to us. What did we do or what are we doing in our regime?, its simple we are modifying these laws. Hence in the actual fact, #basedonlogistics# we are the real ones to be blamed.

Humans are the ones who critic, we are the ones who judge, we are the ones who feel that our opinions must be heard and must be accepted by other people, we are the ones who look down on people and feel the poor and deserted are not worth much, we are the ones who create insecurities and make people feel depressed and lonely, we are the ones who make people to hate or to love.

Positively, we are the ones who can show kindness and lift the spirit of other people, encourage and motivate others and lots more. Its funny how the negative actions that humans carry out are more than the positive actions, Now we see how society contradicts itself because humans are contradictory. Bottom line, when next we (I just included myself) talk about the society, we shouldn’t talk about it like we are not part of it because society just gives us a combined version of everything we do personally as individuals. Basically, it gives us the taste of our own medicine in an increased dosage. Let’s always think about that.