Its another beautiful day and I can’t help but be happy because exams are almost over, the semester is bowing out and home is not too far away. So some few people made some observations about me yesterday and the most common thing they were saying is LOIS (L-OH-WIS), “I love the fact that you always smile.. you have a big fat smile” and I’m like (I didn’t see that coming, where did that come from). This is Lois that everybody says always frowns and is going to get a wrinkled face before she’s even old. Well I was happy hearing such comments but then again on the other hand, they probably haven’t seen the serious- faced Lois that is keen on her plan and business. Either ways, its a heads way and I’m grateful.

So, I was at a get together yesterday with some colleagues and It was really beautiful. Before we started the meeting, our chaperone said something. She came with her camera to take pictures and she’s like she loves memories because they always last (something like that). Well, I happen to be a crazy memory freak too. I love taking pictures and probably one or two years down the line, look at them and be like (awwn, I remember this day…the years have really gone by).

We just took random pictures (trust me, those are the best) and normal pictures too. So going on a more stream-lined level, what’s your take on memories?. Most people live in this world and its almost like they hate seeing themselves or they are probably insecure but then that’s no excuse to hide under the guise of. I mean if you are insecure about your body physique or your looks, it doesn’t change the fact that they are going to still be there in years to come (well except you have money for plastic surgery and its maintenance).

Then, we have regrets sometimes that we never really create the perfect memories with our loved ones and people we hold dear. Not for anything but because we might not have found it necessary at that particular time. Its very ironic because most of the times, the best memories we have we never have them photographed.

Good times (plus) amazing friends (equals) splendid and beautiful memories. Basically, memories are immune yes, then you ask yourself to change. Memories are immune to change because the people you made those memories with can change but the memory of time never changes. Hence the reason why people can’t let go of the past because they wish the memory of whatever happened could just fade away but then it doesn’t just work like that.

So this is me saying, life is never that serious and deep, take out time for yourself. Take a break from all life’s drama and have fun with family, close friends and loved ones. The satisfaction alone you get from that is like a natural stress relief and after then you find out that when you go back into the cycle of your serious activities, you tend to be more balanced and less choked up. Make beautiful memories with people because memories are one of the most greatly priced internal treasures you can ever have.