My sincerest apologies to every one of you, all my readers out there for going (m.i.a) missing in action. I know I really should have told you guys but it was sort of impromptu, inevitable and I don’t even know again. I’m wondering if I should call it a leave of absence but that still requires permission, a sabbatical (doesn’t just sound right) or a French leave I think that should do. Either ways, that doesn’t justify my action though so here’s me saying “ I am sorry“.

Well a lot of things happened within these short few days. For one, the holidays have already started (I can’t be grateful enough). For two, I’m at home (almost like the school chased me..I had no chills). Then recently, I got a contact lens (emerald green). I wanted to try out a new look and I think that worked pretty fine but there’s a short story. The first time I tried it on, I couldn’t even understand the way I was blinking. It took me like an hour to even get them in my eyes (I mean, its a foreign object and its my first time so please don’t judge me). Eventually I got them into my eyes and trust me, they were beautiful.

This post is about love in a lighter mood though. During my short absence, I watched The Titanic again after a good number of years. Every single time I watch that movie I end up crying so I decided to give myself a long break to see if the movie would still make me cry. I thought age and maturity would have matured me but apparently, my tear glands are still not immune to that movie.

So everybody should have watched The Titanic. If you didn’t watch it (brief summary you could ever get, Its about two lovers Jack and Rose.. trying to survive the fall of Titanic (the ship wreck), one had to die for the other and it had to be Jack. Well, there were many avenues in which the two lovers were to be saved but all the avenues came with one condition, SEPERATION. The question here is if they had been separated, what would be the point of their love?

The most important question from all of this is CAN YOUR LOVE SAVE YOUR LOVE?. Don’t get confused, the first love is the one relating to feelings while the second is relating to your partner, lover, call it anything. This is really funny because these days its almost like the word LOVE is overrated. We say we love people and then we put them in the FRIEND ZONE. These days, I even heard that there is the brother zone and the sister zone. Girls are mostly fond of this though, you know a guy likes you in the mutual way then when describing him, you’ll now say (his like a brother to me). Why don’t you just tell him from the scratch.

Not just to blame the girls though sometimes probably the girl doesn’t have the mind to tell the guy and the signs are obvious but still the guy is still persisting then later maybe she starts having a hang with another guy and its like she friend zoned you. Lets just learn to call a spade a spade and stop living on presumptuous, false hopes.

Going back to the initial question about love saving love. Looking at it outside the literal sense, basically can you love someone to the point that separation could lead to a serious consequence and can you live with that consequence. Its just a check on your love life, something to think on for the day. Happy Easter people.