So, its no news that the holidays have already started for me and well when you are living with your parents its one discussion or one pep-talk to another. Basically, we all can relate to that moment when your just contemplating in your mind…Okay let me paint a scenario. You can sing, that is your talent and then you love watching all these music videos seeing artistes perform and might even imitate them. Your parents will be using their side eye to be observing (side eyes not in the literal sense though). Then you start contemplating on going into the music industry.

Your parents have already been giving you those little talk.. Here goes “the way this society is now, only those that read and have very good degrees and certificates are employable. That is why you have to read so that you can be successful. This generation is for geniuses and top academics . They will now be emphatic ‘my children read, read, let no dot in your books pass that you won’t know how the dot came about (mum)”

I can go on and on. African folks especially Nigerians would really relate to this. Now you ask yourself, if parents are only seeing the educative part of the society, I mean like wouldn’t the world be boring?. On the other hand, the popular saying “all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy”. What is Jack playing with (this is funny though I’m laughing). Jack is playing with what other people have created. Of course, people manufactured the toys or whatever jack is playing with.

That’s how the world is, its fine that we have to take life seriously and all of that study, read, go to school and the list is long. The thing here is not everybody was meant for the academic world (this is a reality). Some peoples talent mixed with the passion they have can make them very successful in the society (after all the major point is being a success some may say). Its more than just being a success though its about your success causing a positive impact. Due to the drive that people have because they want to be successful, they end up having empty success.

Empty success in the sense that they try to make an impact but yet they do not partake from the impact they themselves are trying to create hence they feel empty and most of the times they just keep up with it because (damn!! I have to be successful). Basically, education, passion and talent are very much affiliated and cannot be separated when legitimate and real success is involved. To go through the whole education process, perseverance is involved coupled with passion that can come from anywhere just to pull through. For your talent to thrive, your passion also has to be consistent. Lets think on these things and know how to find a balanced balanc