So today this is totally a late post and I’m sorry but like they say, better late than never, Well a sister had to do series of check-ups, you know the health matters. Basically, just to give you a brief run down of the hospital affair. I sat beside this really pretty small girl and trust me, her lashes were goals like she doesn’t even need artificial lashes in the future, a perfect mascara will do the trick. I looked at my own lashes though, I can’t even use a mascara until I use an eye lash curler, artificial lashes could save me though. The irony of life though.

Well (deep breathe) we all need this kind of light reading once in a while. Back in high school though, there’s this ritual we usually do when we are graduating. We get our friends, classmates and some of our cherished juniors to write down things about us relating to our personality, their best moments with us and all of that. So yesterday, I stumbled upon mine and its been quite some years gone by.

This nostalgia really hit me and I began to reminisce. I saw some write-ups from some of my best friends back then on how they’ll always keep in touch and all of that, effective communication. You know when writing all these, you write with the emotions of the current time definitely, nobody writes with the prospects of the future in view but eventually what will happen will definitely happen.

That’s not the major point though. Still moving on first impression matters a lot but on another stand point, if your first impression was just to show off a false personality, it will still be noticed in the long run. So here was me looking at write-ups of people that had known me, some from a distance for close to 6 years, others from a really close view. I looked at all they had penned down with this satisfying composure knowing that they totally got my personality in so many words all together. Even the ones that didn’t really know me still got a specimen of my personality.

Its funny how you can spend so long a time with someone and then you are still picky about the persons personality. Some people can be like that though. Their personality changes like that of a chameleon (I wonder how they do it). Well it could be as a result of so many things, past experiences from life, the different people one must have met in the course of interaction, family challenges and lots more.

Nobody is being a judge here but the thing is someone with an unstable personality is not only not principled, but can never really live a mark and his words in the long-run will hold no ground because he might not be able to live up to them. Bottom line, let transparency be the principle behind your personality.

Its Wednesday and there is this girl I love so much (no homos please). Her sense of humour cannot be overemphasized. I mean, its amazing she’s one of a kind and I really love and admire her. Ladies and Gentlemen (me trying to be formal), I give you Miss Daddy West.