So I really do not have any apologies to make today because I said a second post was going to come up earlier. Many things have been trying to work against this post ( I would say forces but in as much as I’m a Nigerian, let me just give a little chance for the benefits of doubt). Basically before I go into deep talks, I would like to say that for an unknown duration, there is going to be a short series of the message I heard from Mike Murdock because I believe that we all would benefit from it and he titled it “The Difference in Men”

Moving on to P3, I’m pretty sure you are wondering what I really have to say about all of these (pause.. SHOUTOUT!!! to everybody supporting and encouraging out there, I really do appreciate). I’m quite tensed and unsteady but its all good.

Principles, these are rules and standards an individual sets for himself which creates a definite boundary for people to uphold within his life. Priorities, basically your scale of preference from your most important need to your least important on life’s level play ground which the society is a huge part of. Personality, the principles you set for yourself and the priorities you focus on make up your personality

The linkage: without principles you cannot get your priorities straight and without these two, your personality will be shaken. The implication of this is that when you have a wavering personality, people don’t trust you, they can’t vouch and stand for you because your ability to be straight forward is questioned.

Looking at it from another stand point, some people become so overly principled that you can’t even understand them (I mean from a distance you are like life is never that deep and extremely serious). What am I trying to say?, do not set high standards for yourself that only you can meet and the friends around you are struggling with and then they give up on you because its a chain reaction. When your principles are somehow it affects your priorities and this in turn it affects your personality. So people, lets all check ourselves.

Mike Murdock: The Difference in Men
Wisdom is the ability to recognize the difference In people
The purpose of wisdom is to identify whom to honour
Honour is rewarding someone for their difference
Understanding is knowing the value for difference
To be continued…