I know I have an apology to make because I wasn’t around yesterday. Well for sometime now my health has been a little bit shaky but all the same, I’ll be fine. SHOUTOUT!!! to all those who missed me and still checked the blog for updates I’m really sorry for the supposed disappointment. So about yesterday I went to make my hair coupled with my health challenge so it was quite a handful. In Nigeria and I think generally with the movies I’ve seen and the books I’ve read, when you go to a salon definitely there is bound to be lots of discussions (GISTS as Nigerians would call it).

That was what almost gave me a mini-heart attack yesterday. At first it was a woman that came into the salon. I looked at her tummy (Well let me reserve my comments). Okay let me just talk small, it was big and wonderful (She was not pregnant, she just gave birth, I think). She was telling my hair dresser of how she was slimmer than me before she got married, with a flat tummy. My mind just travelled immediately (so here’s me thinking, is that why some ladies say they do not want to get give birth when they are married). I came back to reality.

After that lady went, another one came this time around, this woman had three children and she was all dressed, looking good. Her tummy was big though but not so big. It was okay for a mother of three. My body started to calm down a little. Then I started wondering how some women do it, you’ll never know some have given birth to like four children.

Now let me deviate from that and move on to something everybody would relate to. Lets say your in any class, definitely you would have seniors ahead of you that would have taken the exams, obviously know the lecturer and all of that. Then you meet them and your are like “how is this course?, how does this lecturer set his exams?” and they tell you “the course is very difficult, make sure you read everything and even do research”. They tell you lots of things that will put fear into you before the actual exams will come, its almost like you’ve died a hundred times.

Then when the real deal eventually comes, you’re like “so this is it” and its even easier that you expected, unnecessary rumoured fear. Basically just live your life one day at a time. When you eventually reach different stages of your life, you’ll scale through and you’ll be fine. We’ll all be fine. Just remember, One day at a time. It works and it could really save

Mike Murdock: The Difference In Men
Who they admire
What they are willing to change
What they are willing to walk away from that they do not want to walk away from
Whose favour is most important to them
The Time they are willing to invest with God.

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