Hello people, so today I get to write my blog post from my mobile. Easy you might say but then not so easy because you’re used to all the informalities that comes with texting and messaging from your phone. Well the thing is my laptop is running an update so I’m just looking at how the update is going so slowly and this is me saying (Lois you have to type in your post today no matter how you do it). So here I am.

It’s a Sunday so I’m guessing It was quite restful. We all know the weekend routine. Friday is for enjoyment, partying, clubbing..when you’re like (T.G.I.F..Thank God it’s Friday). Saturday is not so restful because most of us use it to prepare for Monday. I woud say its the busiest day of the weekend and Sunday’s most people go to church and use it to rest too. Hence my earlier analysis.

Now to announce the good news, (me literally clearing my throat and holding my imaginary champagne). Well to all my dedicated readers out there who always want to know what “Lois is talking about”, good news. The blog just really became official with its own website so you can tell your friends to just visit “”. It’s easier and more conscised. I say a very big thank you to everyone who has supported me all the way and who are still willing to continue this journey with me till the very end (though I don’t know when that is and I supect it’s not anytime soon).

As you all know, I am currently doing a review on the book Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and my blog post today is coined out from deep meditation I would say. Would you choose to be unhappy in a marriage for the sake of your child? with the uncertainty that your child could be happy with your choice or end up being like, you should have his walked away. That basically is what I call “questionable sacrifice”. Just think about it, you stay unhappy for a very good part of your life trying to sacrifice your happiness and in turn you don’t get appreciation, you get something else.

I mean, it’s a two way act, looking at it from another stand point your child could really appreciate your action because it helped her upbringing in one way or the other, having a complete family around but then would you rather live an “unsatisfied, incomplete life filled with the daily regrets of what you could have done differently”. That is a daily poison that you get to take everyday which can slowly cause your death.

Then from another stand point, commitment, responsibility looks at you in the face like a judge on its own. This is like a major dilemma. So there are two parts to this. One one hand, you are torn in between sacrifice, commitment and responsibility. On the othe other hand you’ve got love and happiness. The bottom line is you get to live with the consequences of your choice. Let’s think about this very well. We get to continue from this point tomorrow, it’s a huge topic and totally requires a part two. Your comments on this are very essential so please guys, comment your thoughts and opinions.

Mike Murdock: The Difference In Men

The curiously in the knowledge they are willing to purchase.
The voice they trust (you are not yourself in the presence someone you do not trust).
Whose comfort/ pleasure matters most to them
What they are willing to stop doing.
The price they are willing to pay for uncommon mentorship.