Hello people, so we are back again with the second part of this blog post. Let’s run through something not so rare but useful; how is your day going, how are you, hope life is not beating you too much and hope everything is okay. I think that’s it, I hope everybody is trying to pull through amidst everything though. Going back to the topic, so majority of us did not understand the full topic yesterday. I got comments from people telling me that the only ground for a divorce is if adultery is involved which Is biblical though but that created further controversies. Let me paint the proper scenario, yesterday was just the introduction.

So, you happen to fall in love with this guy. I mean fall in love like (not love at first sight, I mean love actually happened gradually and took its time). It wasn’t planned, it just happened and you guys are going, your weathering all the storms and challenges of a relationship and pulling through, the both of you are just in synchronization. Then you had to travel out of the country, distance will definitely take its toll but because you had a strong foundation you are still going strong with your partner.

Something happens along the line, you get abused and you didn’t know how to communicate this to your partner and the guilt starts eating you up. The guilt gets too much that you can’t even communicate properly with him and just like that you stop picking his calls, ignore his emails and messages and eventually change your contact details, you shut yourself out from him and from love.

Years rolled by, you had other affairs and relationship but you never forgot this guy and deep down In your heart you knew he’ll never forget you because you know how deep the love was that both of you shared. After so many years, you decide to come back to your country and you eventually message him and with the replies, it is obvious that he is still madly in love with you but there is a little problem. He got married along the line and had a wife and a child.

You finally return and like they say, old flame never dies. To cut the long story short, he is unhappy with his marriage and asks for a divorce but promises to always see his little child. He moves out from his house to live alone while he chases his love…Coined from Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Now, I’ve got only one question for you, if you were the guy, would you divorce your wife just to have a long lasting happiness with the woman you really love? Please let us be very realistic in our answers, considering the fact that having such deep love with somebody in this generation is very rare and having gone that extent, the person just varnishes without any explanation.

You can never just really move on emotionally because you’ll ask yourself many questions: were did I go wrong? was my love not enough? what did I do wrong? what didn’t I do right? and then you finally re-unite with the person. So I ask again, if you were the guy would you divorce your wife just to have long lasting happiness with the woman you love?. Is there a point of staying in an unhappy marriage?. Would you rather cheat on your wife?. What would you do?

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