Today was a lazy day, no need to sugar quote it, I’ll just say it as it is. Eat, sleep, wake up and that was It until later in the evening when I went out. Earlier, during the day I got scared that I was becoming “anti-televisional” if such word exists because watching the television doesn’t excite my fancy anymore. Back in the days, you had series to keep up with so that you could talk about them with your friends, or one movie that was all over town, but these days, you just trying to wrap your head round different types of book from the academic-education, to the pleasure-education. Don’t think I’m one advanced lady please, I’m very huge on texting and I don’t joke with my social media.

So back to the real deal, I said I went out later In the evening and that was to church and what was being talked about was positive confession. I’m pretty sure most of you are wondering what the better half of the tongue is, the answer is not far-fetched at all, it Is “the word“. Yes, I just said the word. All those words we say, meaningful, not meaningful, all of them together.

We’ve heard people say, “death and life are in the mouth“, “a closed mouth Is a closed destiny“. The basic composition of the mouth is the teeth and tongue and we all know that the tooth is fixed in a particular position and cannot move, only the tongue. Hence you here people say “she has a lying tongue“. Basically words are powerful and they create a sub-conscious image in your mentality and believe It or not, what you say continuously you live it. Here’s the process, as you say it continuously, you start believing it and then you sub-consciously act and it.

Not forgetting that words can counter words, just a little tip relating to prayer. Let’s be a little bit practical; you just finished praying and in your prayer you’re like “God grant me favour and breakthrough, I shall be prosperous” and all of that. Immediately you step out of your house, someone engages you in a discussion and starts talking about the economic recession in Nigeria.

You just finished praying about favour and prosperity, you don’t think about that and you join the person, heavily forgetting yourself. “yes, this our country, see how there is suffering everywhere, how can we make it , the situation is terrible“. You have used your word to counter the word you said in your prayer. You start wondering why God did not answer your prayer, do a background check and you’ll see.

Stay positive, confess your expectation and not your experience. Say what you want to see continuously and you’ll find out that you’ll sub-consciously start working towards it and heaven will grant your desires. Learn how to speak and direct your speeches appropriately. Trust me, some people need to be schooled on how to talk [no offence but its the truth]. Think before you talk and let your words not just fly out of your mouth and later on you start having regrets and “had I known’s” . Do not talk when you are angry because a bitter heart breeds an angry tongue. It is not easy but we learn everyday and with the help of God, we’ll scale through.