Well, today was another lazy day [don’t judge me.. I’m on holidays]. Sometimes, I feel like I communicate badly with some of my old acquaintances. Today, I bumped into one of them on social media and I had to message. We hadn’t talked in like ages, but then the catching up was good. On the other hand, I don’t joke with my immediate friend cycle. They’re extremely small and I love them a lot, with time you’ll get to know them because I feel like screaming their names for the world to hear [this is me exaggerating and hyping]. All the same, no man is an island and friends are very important and essential in our lives.

So I was having a conversation with someone and at some point the talk was centered around girls and their “misbehaviors” I’d say. I won’t want to go into the details of the conversation because it wasn’t about me but practically what I got from it was simply a “change of mentality” for some ladies out there.

When you get to know the mentality of some ladies out there, its almost like its a dream and someone should wake you up to reality. It’s a very sad thing because situationS have caused all these, environments, challenges, peers, family drama and a host of other things but then you don’t just go about judging because everybody has a story. The fact that you were able to handle yours doesn’t mean every other girl can handle their own issues.

In as much as you can’t handle your issues [mostly boy issues] yourself, that’s the more reason you should be open to learn and flexible to take corrections. What am I really driving at, let me just give a short story of something I faced some years back. There was this guy I grew up with so we got very close and apparently feelings started popping up. A part of me wanted it [I’m only human] and a part of me did not want it because I had older siblings and with my age that time, I feared if anything were to happen I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

I took drastic measures, I told him I was letting him go because I was falling “stupidly” in love with him. The word “stupidly” in quote because he had noticed how much I loved him and started taking me for granted and I really can’t be a fool for love. Back to present, why did I give that short story?. Many girls and ladies out there have lost their pride, integrity and even themselves for a guy who does not value them and who is not worth all the unnecessary stress they are going through.

Don’t misquote, misread or misinterpret me. I’m NO FEMINIST, I strongly believe that women should honor and support their men because of the love they have for them and in turn, men should love their women because of the support they give to them. Every marriage is produced from a model relationship, so don’t say this post Is for the older folks. On the other hand, I also believe that there should be a certain degree of respect of character and person in a relationship.

Sometimes we ladies are at fault, we fail to set our values, principles, standards, when you don’t stand for anything, you fall for everything. When there is nothing for the man to be careful about, when there are no barriers, where then should be the starting point of respect in all ramifications. From a different stand point, if as a lady you are trying your best to make your relationship work but your man is not appreciating all that, there is only a lot a human being can take. Let me introduce you to the word “LET GO“. To be continued…