Basically heaving a sigh of relief because I got to account for all my lazy days today. Today was really hectic, I mean at some point I felt God was just saying “my daughter rest, there Is stress ahead“. All the same at least I didn’t break down. At this point, I’m sitting down well rested in my kitchen, sipping a drink and writing my blog post. My only regret is that I don’t have a plate of salad to make everything complete. Well, in as much as my day was really hectic, I took out time to message some old acquaintances I hadn’t connected with in a while and it was really good.

Back to the discussion of yesterday, if you are someone that could decipher peoples temperament just from their words and you read yesterday’s post, you would probably be like [she was a little bit angry when she was writing]. I won’t say angry is the right word, I’ll just say pained because I’m a lady and when I see what other ladies go through, majority of which they cause for themselves, it really gets to me. Then most of the times, if you don’t speak the truth with a very harsh tone, Its almost like your words are like water falling into a basket. Especially when speaking to NIGERIANS. They can be really stubborn.

So I said I was going to introduce you to the word “LET GO“. Most ladies need to put it in front of their doors, their dressing mirror, as a reminder on their phones, everywhere possible. If he hits you, let go.. If he doesn’t talk to you with respect, let go.. if he doesn’t love you and you are madly in love with him, the feeling is not mutual.. let go, if his plans are not in sync with yours.. let go. I’m really smiling to myself because I’m hell as sure you’ve judged me already..[Does this lady even know what she’s talking about, she doesn’t even understand].

Now let’s go into deep analysis. Let’s paint a scenario where you’ve been with this man for like 3 years and that’s a lot of time. Initially he wasn’t hitting you but then he started and 3 years is a lot to just walk away from. Let go [temporarily] and both of you should agree that he’s going to go to rehab. If it works out, you observe him very well and he is okay, then your relationship can start kicking with a new love. On the other hand, if he’s not willing to go to rehab, he keeps hitting you and he says he loves you, LET GO fully. You can’t be a punch bag for someone who doesn’t value you and your skin ,if he wants to be punching, he could as well get registered in a gym. There he’ll pay and even handle their equipments with care.

Moving on, if he doesn’t talk to you with respect, he insults you and uses abusive words on you, talk to him communicate your hate for what he does to you and if he doesn’t change LET GO. Let me tell you why you should let go, if he continues being abusive towards you and you keep quiet about it, you’ll start having inferiority complex, you’ll start getting being used to being shut up without anybody shutting you up. Basically, you’ll start going through what I call self-oppression. Nobody is oppressing you but yourself.

I really do not want to make this post real long because it’s a vital topic that needs to be broken down and handled with every care so that the message is carefully and deliberately passed therefore on this note, To be continued…