Hi everyone and a Happy Sunday to you all. I hope y’all had a splendid day. Well I’m pretty sure most of you can relate to a scenario where your parents hate a particular thing and that is what you actually like. So I love nose piercings by the side and I already have double piercings on my ear [from birth though]. The nose piercing I love is the one you just put a little dot earing by the side and off you go. My parents were talking about it with so much hate but they don’t know their daughter is madly in love with it. Anyways I have to let go and be content with my double piercings, at least I have that. Church was awesome by the way. Quick lesson, do not despise anybody because you never know who your blessing is tied to.

So back to our discussion from yesterday. If he doesn’t love you and the feeling Is not mutual.. LET GO. There’s no other explanation to it, if he doesn’t love you there’s no need to bruise your ego by begging him to love you. You don’t beg feelings to pop up, they are a natural phenomenon and love is a feeling, an emotion. If he has fallen out of love for you, there are two things involved, it’s either you no longer do the things that made him love you or he’s not seeing what he really wants in you. Find out where you went wrong if you feel you were at fault, to make your next relationship better and LET GO. Love is no by force or by begging but by mutual connection.

If his plans are not in “sync” with yours, LET GO. If both of you have plans that are too wide apart in the sense that they do not relate at all, looking at the short-run, you can maneuver it but then at the long-run, there might be conflict of interest and you might not be able to handle it then. In relation to this, if you people have a lot of differences with extremely little similarities, well I think you should really be skeptical about it and trust yourself to LET GO or not.

In summary of everything, here’s my advice to ladies. You determine how a guy treats you in a relationship. If he treats you badly, its your fault because you could choose to let go or stop doing that thing that makes him treat you badly. Know that you are in control of your own life, you should call the stakes and the shots. You do not deserve to be treated less than you are meant to be treated. Please have a rethink and a change of mentality. It is really important.

She’s my home girl any day, been friends for a very good number of years. You call her up anytime and she’s willing to meet up. She’s good company, has an amazing sense of humour and you can never be bored around her.

So this is one of the nicest girls I’ve met in my life, no kidding. She is too nice to a fault. If you think I am small then trust me, you have not met her. She’s quiet on the outside but really chatty on the inside.

So we have mother and son as birthday mates today

So I met Derek at an International Conference and from what I have observed, he is a true friendly supporter with an amazing personality. I wish him and his mum a splendid birthday.