So, the perfect scenario happened to illustrate this post, I’d say maybe, just maybe it was orchestrated by God. Few days ago, I went to the movies and I met someone new, or he met me, all things been equal [there was a meeting]. So he gave me his contact details with the excuse that he wasn’t with his phone, at first I was skeptical about it but all the same, I let him save it. I waited for like 5 days, then I called. He didn’t pick the first day, so he called the day after. For Christ sake, this is a new number, yes some numbers can appear similar especially when you know the person but you didn’t save the number. To avoid embarrassments , you’ll be talking to the person in a way you can get his/her identity.

That wasn’t the case here, He went all confident and bold and started getting into serious details when he didn’t even know who was at the receiving end of the phone. I mean he was completely blank even after I had mentioned my name. The rest of the story [to be continued below…], the major point is about to be seen

Many of you might be confused with the title of this post because there is both a question mark and a full stop. Well, I was talking with a friend a few days back and in the course of the conversation, he told me “I miss myself“. So let’s start with the full stop. “I miss myself[.]“. This is basically plain. It’s like your reminiscing over how you used to be. When I said it to myself, I was thinking of my old persona and how I used to be. Very rude, not expressly though but don’t try to tell me you’re rude, back then [you’ll say to yourself, you met the wrong person], extremely impatient and intolerant, lacked control over some certain things and a couple of others.

Now let’s move to the question part of it, “I miss myself[?]”. If you notice, this part is a function of the first part because after you finish reminiscing over the person used to be before maturity and other factors set it, then you begin to think, “Do I really miss myself“. I asked myself this question. Yes, sometimes I’m tempted to just bring out the other side when I just see somebody carrying out an act. To show the person that “hey, I’ve done this like really your still learning” but then on the other hand, is it worth it?. After you have eventually proven your point, what next?, What value would your act add to you?

This is basically the major point of my short story, I really would have had it hot with that guy over the phone but I just calmly told him I needed to clear my head and hung up but Lord knows, I was boiling inside. If the call had lasted a minute more, I would have exploded. Bottom line of everything, think before you act or speak. Every attitude that you know would not make you progress, grow or add any value to your life, if you’ve dropped it, fine and please try not to pick it up. If you haven’t please drop it. It’s does not constitute growth. It’s not easy because most of these things are already a part of us but slowly, consciously and gradually. There is nothing consistency cannot do. Happy New Month.