I’m contemplating on something but never the less, I think I will just go ahead with it. Don’t crack your head too much and disturbing yourself on what I’m contemplating on. I was just thinking of how to start today’s post. Hope everybody is okay though and hope your day is going on well. If it isn’t, just know that having bad days in life is inevitable and everybody goes through that. Use that as consolation.

Basically, today is going to be really on a light mood. Here’s the gist of what happened earlier. So, I’m meant to embark on a trip to Ivory coast for 2 months for intensive French study, If you’ve been looking below my page, you would see the count down. It so happened that the organizers of the trip kept on shifting and postponing it because the turn-out was very low and the people over at Ivory coast didn’t want take in so little a number.

Since last week, the tip has been really shaky. So late yesterday, we got an information that if we do not get a specific number of people to make us complete, the trip was going to be cancelled. We started exercising faith, going to the prayer room [this has been cracking me up] because I have like 4 months break. I really cannot stay at home to be seeing my parents everyday for four months. No matter how interesting they can or will be, I’ll get bored and for all those outside the country reading this, AFRICAN PARENTS [they can be something else].

Eventually, I woke up this morning to the message that the trip was already cancelled. At that point, I couldn’t cry I was just laughing. I really do not now why I found it hilarious but trust me, I couldn’t stop laughing. My friends were the worse people , it looked like their case was hopeless. They had already gone all out shopping and I was yet to do my own shopping though I received my money a long time ago.

Hearing the trip as cancelled, I already started checking online shopping sites for clothes, hand bags, shoes, hairs and all of that [it was too funny, I’m laughing as I’m typing this]. I wanted to start my next semester plus summer shopping because I know my parents will not even cast a glance at me if I should ask them for money. All of a sudden, faith rose again.

My friends said there’s no way their refunding our whole money that if Ivory Coast was not going to hold, we should change to another Francophone location, [I was just laughing because the struggle was very real]. To cut the long story short, the location was eventually changed to the Republic of Benin and part of our money was being refunded to us because Benin is closer.

When I heard the trip was cancelled, after laughing, I told my friends not to loose heart that God knows why. We don’t know what we would have faced at Ivory coast and though we went to the Republic Of Benin last year, half bread is better than none at least, there is hope for a reasonable summer with numerous tales. We get to network, meet new people, gain more exposure and above all still familiarize ourselves with the language. Its still a win win.

I really would have loved to see Ivory Coast in all its beauty but then, I have to let go. The bottom line of this story is that be appreciative of any situation you find yourself. People want to be your shoes and when nature doesn’t agree with your plans, situations are arising just to disrupt your plans, be sensitive and let things be. You never know what you are being prevented from.