Hello people, so this period has really been on a light mood. Sorry this post Is coming late but I get this is what happens when you embark on a road trip but all the same road trips are always fun because you get to see lots of characters travelling with you on the road and lots of events. So basically, we all can relate to those kind of people that always feel like they have strength but when the real fight comes up, they chicken out. On the way, there was traffic jam and the road was really tight. That is how one guy from no where takes a rod to hit another man’s vehicle. The owner of the vehicle immediately charged out, removed his belt, collected the rod from the other man and used it to flog him. The drama was spontaneous.

Then the vehicle we used was having serious over- heating issues, and the driver was really slow. The man did not even mind us, he was eating anyhow and urinating anyhow too and this journey was not a close one, the distance was too much. He later picked up though but we still arrived late to our destination. Then there was the issue of Bankole Wellington and Adesua Etomi, Nigerian celebrities getting married. They’ve been everywhere on the internet and Nigerians are really happy for them. Finally Banky is no longer a bachelor.

The thing is because Banky said he slid into Adesua’s dm, most guys now have started sliding into ladies dm’s. Trust me, the responses I’ve seen have not been funny, they’ve been epic but we are still watching.

So, today is really going to still be on a light mood because summer is really beginning to kick off and If you have been following my blog posts, I talked about going to The Republic of Benin and I would be embarking about that journey tomorrow. I had my nails done today, got some little things too. Don’t read me wrong though, I’m also going to learn and get acquainted with French Language.

Basically, I want to announce a new column that will surface on the blog. It’s going to be about my life in pictures and major events on going during my summer break. well, that’s about today. We don’t have to be serious all the time. For now, my days have been shaky because of my trips but everything will soon be stable soon. I hope you all are good and everything is okay with you. What ever is going on, there are better days ahead. Let’s always think about that.