Okay so before I say anything, I would like to apologize for being absent yesterday. The tiredness was real. Basically, I and my friends are still trying to settle down and get very relaxed and comfortable in our own skin. So yesterday, we went to the market to get food stuffs an a couple of other things. We definitely cannot spend 2 months in a foreign land, eating restaurant food.

Amidst all our tiredness yesterday, there’s this stuff they make here, the taste is similar to that of Hollandia yoghurt but then they add; crushed ice block, one milk-ish and whitish substance. Then millet and other stuffs can be added but at your own preference. It is usually prepared by the road side and they even have a joint were tables and chairs are kept for it to be eaten. It is called DEGE. Its a little bit thick but not as thick as custard and you can take lots of it, then drink water after, it really does fill you up for sometime and trust me, it Is DELICIOUS. It gives me lot of joy to be sincere.

Then later in the evening, we had to do some cooking and it was almost running deep into the night due to our ignorance in setting up the gas properly “eyes rolling“. Ignorance is really terrible. All the same, we finished up, ate and that was when the tiredness came upon us like a mighty rushing wind. I mean, people I’m meant to message, text and all of that, I just keep on procrastinating [Lord help me, I will do it today].

Basically the major talk in this post Is learning to adapt. The word adapt and LOIS do not go together all the time. I can adapt to some certain things but when it comes to food in the area of adapting, that’s a no go area for me, but I’m still watching if I’ll start learning how to adapt to some certain foods because I’ve got quite sometime hear. On another stand point, we get to share the kitchen with Ghanaians.

We can all relate to this, just imagine you are using your own spices, seasonings and all of that, you’re already used to the scent. All of a sudden you walk into the kitchen and the aroma is different from what you already know. At first you might consider it offensive initially but in the long run, you have to learn how to adapt because people, cultures, customs and a host of other things are different. After all, variety Is the spice of life they say.

The bottom line is that we should all try to learn to adapt and adjust in any situation we find ourselves. I hope y’all have a splendid Sunday.