Here comes another late post. Basically, I wont say it was meant to come earlier. The thing is, we are all humans and no one can claim to be perfect. These past few days has been all about me trying to adapt and adjust to things and it sure hasn’t been easy at all. I really got gingered to type in this post when a friend messaged me asking for today’s post. Remember I said in yesterday’s post that we were sharing the kitchen with Ghanaians. Well, today at least I got an idea of how to cook the famous GHANAIAN BANKU. I really should have taken a picture.

Its basically a corn meal but I don’t know if I would prefer taking it with soup or make a proper meal out of it. The most important thing is that I’ve learnt it. You wash your corn, soak it then grind. Its just like how you prepare NIGERIAN AKARA. Just that this time, its corn and not beans. After the corn is in powder form then you cook it like your are making garri and just turn it in the pot. VOILA[ that is it].

Moving on, earlier this morning my friends didn’t look like they were ready for breakfast. I wasn’t planning on eating breakfast and lunch together, so I decided to eat out. There’s this Nigerian restaurant called JERICHO. They serve Nigerian meals there, Rice and Pepper Soup, Swallow[eba, pounded yam, fufu and different soups]. I told the driver to take me there. Apparently, they had not yet started making anything. Fortunately for me, the driver knew another place and took me there. SHOUTOUT!!! to all the IGBOS in the house. They run the Nigerian joints in this place.

A funny thing happened though, Half plate of food was 500CFA, Full plate of food was 1000CFA. I told the boy to tell his madam 500CFA, he told his madam 1000CFA. I gave her the money and when I saw my change, it wasn’t complete. So, I complained. Long story short, it was a case of wrong order. The IGBO woman could not even let me go with the excess food and give me my change, she had to reduce the food. Once again SHOUTOUT !!! to all the IGBOS in the house.

After that, we went to the market to get stuffs. So basically I’m still undergoing serious adaptation. Thanks to all my readers out there that look up to my post everyday. I saw a statement that made me to really think and it read “ONLY WHEN WE ARE NOT AFRAID DO WE BEGIN TO LIVE“. That’s a post for another day but I just want y’all to dwell on it, more like a FOOD FOR THOUGHT“. Bottom line, at least if you’ve never heard of or gotten an idea of GHANAIAN BANKU and NIGERIAN AKARA, you’ve learnt it today. Then also, you’ve also learnt that Nigerians, are everywhere and they also look for a way to survive wherever they find themselves