So I’m so eager to start running my mouth. Let me just get on with it already. For starters I would like to openly declare my love for INNOCENT IDIBIA, BANKY W and ADEKUNLE GOLD. I love these three and to me they have something in common [Responsible Music Videos]. So I’m currently writing this post from my mobile in a friends house and we were just watching different music videos. At some point it’s like “LOIS YOUR WAY OUTTA THIS WORLD”. In the sense that I get notifications for new songs and music videos on a channel I’m subscribed to but then I never get to check them. What’s my excuse? “being irrelivantly busy coupled with lack of strenght”. I mean young lady, it’s just to touch the link.

Okay [now I’m almost done laughing and trying to get serious]. Enough with throwing shades at myself. Let’s pause from the whole drama. Earlier today, we [I and my friends ]went to the market to get few stuffs. SHOUTOUT!!! to all the IGBOS in the house again. If them marketers don’t touch you or hold you, it’s almost like they’ve not communicated with you. Then another technique they use, I don’t know how they tend to know what you want by just looking at you and its not like they have it, they’ll just tell you to lure you just incase you might change your mind and like what they are showing you. The market was very tiring and exhausting though but we pulled through and immediately we got back, we just ate and slept.

Resuming from where we stopped. So Nigerian music can be very entertaining. I don’t know, I think i should just stream line it to Nigerian music basically those other three musicians I named earlier, their music videos are quite nice and… My problem here without beating about the bush is the way ladies have been really reduced in lots of music videos.

Everybody these days, just want to sell their music and make their money without knowing if they are causing positive or negative impact to their fans and the general audience. On another stand point, you can’t say that they are selfish because they give society what society wants. They have studied their audience and they have done the rating themselves.

Without much further a do, giving my verdict on this I would like to say that people know what is right but then they don’t do it. Music is life. We can all relate to that one particular song we listen to that gives us goose bumps or just gives us this calm in our souls. The artistes felt the song in themselves first. They were able to transfer whatever emotion they were feeling at that point in time and you can be able to relate to that particular feeling in the song for a very long time. Some can last even decades, yes we’ve had legendary artistes like that.

Now what we have these days Is just majorly a bunch of entertainers. I’m no kill joy , don’t get me wrong. Entertainment is quite beautiful and it adds to the variety of life but if there’s no in-depth passion to make people really love music whatever the genre. You just do music to make money, fine you may be good and you me rich also but trust me, there’s always going to be this emptiness.

Its fine, you can use your money and lots òf other stuffs to cover it all up. In the end you get to be the judge of your ownself if it’s really worth it in the end. We all have ourselves to deal with and we know the demons we face in our dark corners.