So, this post came a little bit late because I was updating the column about myself [T.R.L]. You really need to visit it, to know more about me. Well today was…I basically don’t have a particular word to describe it but then it was quite restful at some point. To start with, I’ll say some few things I’ve noticed here. They always have a pharmacy in every area, that has different streets together. There is Pharmacie [cine concorde, marina, e.t,c] and I must say, that is very beautiful. I cannot also hide my disappointments on some things though. For example, In this country, like the whole country, there is not even one cinema, not even mini cinema.

To all my readers out there that have lots of money and are looking for what to invest it on, come and be the first person to build a cinema in THE REPUBLIC OF BENIN. For one you’ll make very good money because you’ll have the initial monopoly of the place before other people start thinking about it. For two, you’ll definitely be rich. The economist in me just came out.

We had our first class today that was scheduled for 8.00am but trust AFRICANS, NIGERIANS to be precise, we got there almost 9.00am. Well they divided us into groups and the most INTERESTING part of it ” NO ENGLISH AT ALL”. I mean you cannot even say dot in English, you have to say “POIN”. That was the most hilarious part of the class. I was the first person to present myself [Lecturer’s instruction]. I finished doing so, the lecturer now told them to ask me questions [It was not a funny experience]. We were grouped with older students and they had no chill. They just pounced on me with their questions. I scaled through though but the part that I was like [are you kidding me] was when they didn’t ask all my other friends as much question as they asked me.

After that, was the part of reading from the text book. Well we were actually meant to have two classes, when it was time for break I just went back to my residence to go and sleep, the way I was dozing in the class was quite hilarious, but I was doing it stylishly though. I thank God for my braids, they helped.

Advice to all those who plan on coming to BENIN anytime, mind how you spend your money. Like I’ve not spent up to a week here and my money has just been flying. The thing is, the words MONEY and SHOPPING, well they kind of have a part of my life. So, I’m working on that and seriously giving myself rules. Y’all have learnt a thing or two about the REPUBLIC OF BENIN, hope you enjoyed it.