Without beating about the bush on this post, it’s a post of sober reflections that is why it is coming at this hour. Before this year started, I never knew how it felt to loose someone that you really knew. Earlier this year, a friend of mine slept on and I felt it so much, I thought about memories but then you know the funny thing about life, whenever anybody passes away, yes we always feel the loss and sometimes, its almost like you are in a dream and you want somebody to wake you up, to tell you that everything is okay but then life eventually ends up going on.

So yesterday, I lost another friend. At first when I saw the message, I smiled because 90 percent of me just wanted to hear that it was all a joke. I was seriously wishing but if wishes were horses, even beggars would ride. We were never close but were in lots of associations together, went for camps, got into lots of competitions and all of a sudden the full realization dawns on me that she’s left this world as in no more coming back. The feeling is inexplicable. I keep wondering to myself, I’ve shed this much tears for someone I only knew from a distance, how will her family and extreme loved ones react.

I was at the market to get food stuffs and the last time I was there, there was this boy that was helping his dad in the blending section, he was wearing this dress and it was really dirty. I went to the market about a week ago, I come back a week later he is still wearing the same very dirty outfit. I finished my blending and how much did he take from me, so little as 50CFA. The man was basically working like an elephant and eating like an ant.

The first thing that came out of my mouth was “so much suffering”. I could count his ribs and suffering had made him age more that he was meant to, I needed no prophet to tell me, I could tell just by looking. The part that broke my heart was how he smiled as he took the money worth nothing. This was a man with a family to feed, struggling to survive. How does he send his children to school and lots of things.

This world is a small world they say, but trust me it’s also very large. A friend of mine died yesterday and another was celebrating his birthday. There is one thing that is very profound in this world and It is INEQUALITY. No matter how rich you’re, there is someone richer and no mater how poor you are, there is someone poorer.

Learn to appreciate every situation you find yourself with the belief that things will get better and no condition Is permanent. No matter how little a prayer you make in the morning, just thank the creator for life. To buy oxygen for a year, runs into millions, we do not all pay for oxygen. There are people with terrible health conditions, people who have children that do not give them piece of mind, people who poverty and suffering have refused to live them, people who have terminal diseases, poor orphans, heartbroken widows and widowers.

I wrote part of this post in tears. You may ask why? I wanted to communicate my emotions very well so that you feel it also. Whatever situation you find yourself, good or bad, so long as you are not in the grave learn to say “LORD, I THANK YOU” because you are better than those in the grave and your condition is better than someone else’s somewhere.