For starters, it seems like I have to make apologies all the time for my seemingly short disappearances. Well, here’s the thing, anytime you don’t see a post just know that something came up and I’m sorry for taking you unawares. The last post I made about two days ago was…I would use the word “emotionally filled” and I did that on purpose. It’s really funny how I myself, didn’t recognize the extent to which my emotions ran until I read the post later. I guess its all part of communicating feelings and trying to use them to change the world in your little way.

So, I said my short disappearance wasn’t for nothing. On the 12th of may, I was invited for a night-out dinner and with all the make up fuss, trying to get ready and all of that, It was almost impossible to make a blog post. Not to mention, the network issues. You can totally check out some pictures on my [T.R.L COLUMN]

Then on the 13th of May which was yesterday, I wanted to make a blog post but my thoughts held me back. You know, once in a while it’s god to have “ALONE MOMENTS“, that’s what I call them. Where you just sit back alone with your thoughts, think, brainstorm, anything you want to do. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like a moment of solitude where you get to confine yourself to the closure of four walls. It’s just you separating yourself from everyone, feeding yourself with your own self, and trying to think up how you can get better.

That was about my disappearance, now going on to the key business “THE TENDENCY”. I’m pretty sure a lot of you are wondering what this is all about because I basically dropped no clue or hint whatsoever. So here’s the thing, I met someone during my short absence. He is not a bad guy, I would term him good personally but then I think if society was to be the judge and it was fair enough, it would say that he is in between the line. That brings us to my mini dilemma. Can someone be bad and be good at the same time?.

I mean, he talks bad but has a good heart with good intentions, he does good most of the time but here’s the thing, HE HAS THE TENDENCY OF DRIFTING TO THE BAD SIDE. You then ask yourself, does a bad act make him a bad person? or how do you even weigh it?. I myself, I’m puzzled because deciphering it is going to be one hell of a job.

That’s basically a food for thought that I think we all should brainstorm about and try to comment your opinions for better understanding and sharing of knowledge for the benefit of everybody. In the mean time, giving my opinion on this I would say that it all boils down to the relationship between your heart and your conscience. Yes I said the two because some people have killed their conscience with negatives that they no longer go on guilt trips within themselves. On the other hand, it’s no new word to always follow and search your heart. So basically, you be the judge of your own self. That’s my opinion, lets here what you have to say.