Taking deep breaths, so I get a message from a very good friend of mine asking of today’s post and I’m like just calm down, it’s on the way. It made me happy, like baby girl people look forward to this everyday and I ain’t joking with that, just been a little worked up with my French program, trying to enjoy my holiday and trying to become a better person everyday too. SHOUTOUT!!! to all my readers who look forward to my post everyday, I really do appreciate.

So today was a contrast to yesterday. Yesterday was very restful, I slept so much that trying to sleep at night almost gave me a headache so, I had to sleep in the early hours of the morning. For sometime now, I’ve been eating out in restaurants and acting like a spoilt, over-pampered brat who can’t fix up a proper meal for herself, I decided to go to market. Just a little tip for all those who want to travel to a strange land , you either have an interpreter with you, know the language very well or be ready to laugh at yourself like me. Better still, go with a group of people so y’all can laugh at yourselves together.

Well, I went alone and spent like 10 minutes looking around while trying to ask around for somethings to no avail. Then I started laughing at myself a little bit inwardly and outwardly together [trying not to be insane at the same time passing my dilemma across]. Eventually, with the help òf God I succeeded with what I wanted to buy.

Plus, I tried a new African dish today. It was my first try out and well, I’d rate myself a 5 over 10. Practice makes perfect they say. Then I tried something crazy in the kitchen with my artificial nails and it was almost like I had been doing it in forever. I was scared at first that I wouldn’t pull through but I tried it and it was good.

I just gave y’all a brief run down of how every thing has been so far . Moving on , So I was thinking that sometimes God works in mysterious ways you can’t even understand. He tells you to start something because he wants you to be the first partaker of it. I was looking back at all the blog posts I’ve made so far, not like reading all of them but just reminiscing and somehow some of my words have become a check on me because trust me, some haters be quoting me in their little, hidden dark corner and observing my life from a distance to see if I’m a hypocrite.

Well, I’m no hypocrite and looking back, I thank God that yes I’m not where I’m meant to be but I’m not where I used to be [always be grateful, it pays] . I want you all to expect more from this blog because its growing daily and it will definitely pull through. Your support is needed though. Like i always say, don’t forget to tell a friend to tell a friend about T.L.T BLOG.


It’s #Throw Back Thursday#. The picture above is not so old though, took it early this year in Ghana when I attended an international conference. The deadly throwbacks will surface later on. Let’s just play cool for now.