Hello people, so it’s been long I did the usual routine check up. I’m in a somewhat happy mood and I don’t even understand my mood right now but trust me it’s not a sad one. So how is everybody doing?, hope everyone is fine and doing okay. Well as usual, if your day is not going well or you are down, I’ll tell you what a friend told me. He said “anytime you’re down just look at the mirror, smile at it and you’ll know you are beautiful“. Bottom line, always look for something to cheer yourself up whenever you get down. Never forget that being depressed is solely your choice.

So basically, today was quite fulfilled I would say. For one, I slept by like 3am and had to wake up by like 8am for a class. My class was interesting and then I got to learn some French songs. It was pretty amazing, all the same my French is coming up and pulling through. Going down to today’s necessary, so I was having one of my alone moments during lunch time and I chose the roof top as my spot today.

The best thing about BENIN buildings, is that they always have roof tops were you can chill. So that was where I chose as my spot today. SHOUT OUT!!! to all MYLES MUNROE fans in the house. I was listening to one of his talks, just Google “why the devil is targeting men” and that’s where I got today’s post from.

He said something that really struck me “leadership is about self discovery and not about dominating“. The first word that came out from my mouth was “deep word“. I had never looked at leadership from that perspective up until that particular moment. His statement alone had questions in them. It made me wonder like ” if leadership is about self discovery, is it that leaders don’t fully discover themselves before they assume ledership positions?. Then when they become full leaders they start discovering themselves.

Let’s look at it from this perspective I’m trying to decipher it. Definitely, every human knows himself to a certain extent. Some people have taken lots of steps to get materials and other things to further discover themselves but leadership is an embodiment of different societal traits in one. There is power, discipline, self-control, patience, understanding, strategy and the list cannot be exhausted. Looking at it from this perspective, leadership is being able to exercise all the afore mentioned qualities, balance and equate them.

I agree and understand with DR. MYLES when he said that leadership is all about self discovery because, it’s a whole new life entirely and indeed you discover your true self when you are in disposition of lots of things not to mention humans around. So many things ran through my mind and with everything I realized that true leadership is all about servant hood and the leader himself is indeed both the last and the first. The last because he is meant to place his followers before himself and be sacrificial and the first because he still leads the rest.

Now this might sound complicated but indeed if you can really get it, it will take you to another level of understanding. This post is basically for both men, women, youths, I mean everybody but it’s specially for men. Hope you have a swell day